A session which begins in the elevator

massage érotique ascenceur

Here is the erotic story of a woman that I saw the previous evening with her husband for a Naturist Massage Rocco and which sends me a SMS to take a second appointment the next day for that very evening. I confirm her the fact that it is possible then she says me that she come to find me at the ground floor and she asks me if I can take off her panties in the elevator. I answer her while it is possible and say her this evening.

I arrive at home to my couple of customer and the woman comes to find me at the ground floor dressed in a black dress and raising a smile. We take the elevator and he ask how much there is of floors to know the time which I have to warm her without to be disturbed. I approach her then go back up her dress slightly where I put my hands on her buttocks. I seized then her white panties which I make come down along its legs and put it in the pocket of my jacket. Naked under her dress, my hand slides 1 or 2 times between her legs by going back up towards her sex until the doors of the elevator open. She always smiles and we go to her flat where her husband waits for us. Once entered the apartment, I greet the husband and give him panties of his wife. This time, he is him who smiles.

I prepare then some affairs to me to begin the session but at the time of beginning my erotic massage, the husband says me that his wife would like to undress me then to do me an erotic massage. I accept then the proposal. She approaches me, then begins to remove my T-shirt, to undo my belt, to unbutton my jeans that she removes then my boxer. In 2 minutes, she already arrives to make me hard. Her hands travel my body and excite me more and more.

She makes me lengthen on the back on the bed and sits down on me. Always dressed in her black dress and without panties, I feel her sex to rub against me. She wets completely. She is so astride to me a few minutes then removes her dress. She put oil on my trunk and continues to travel all my body of her hands to make harden my sex at the most. Minutes pass then she says me that this time she wants now I mass her. Having taken advantage of these few minutes of eroticism, I take back again my role of Erotic masseur. I return her on the bed and coat her with oil. My hands travel her body and excite her beyond the maximum. I so much make her wet that sheets of her bed are apparently very marked. She wets, she raises itself, she transpires under the influence of my body and of my hands. Under eyes satisfied by the husband, I continue to torture his wife by doing vary her excitement until she cracks. Once this level reaches, I decide to interrupt the erotic massage. I lengthen on the bed one moment next to the woman where we take back each our spirits. After a few moments, we get up, we dress again and discuss around a glass. So ends this evening and this erotic story.

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