100% of women are squirters

femme fontaine

When that the partner stimulates in a very fast way a very precise zone inside the vagina of the woman, this one is going to eject a liquid, called cyprine, in the form of jets, where from the naming squirter. And I who master perfectly this technique, I can tell you that the jets are more or less big and the quantity of liquid is relatively important. You should rather put towels on the bed if you do not want to ruin it. I believe that once I have of go out the equivalent of a bottle of 33 cl. To do in the bathtub, it is better. On the other hand, what it is physical as technical for the one who do it. It is an earthquake which we have to cause then you imagine well that that will not be with simple caresses.

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Negative. There is no category of women who would be squirter and others not. Women are all squirters. It is again the experience which speaks. You put me any girl between hands and at the end of 5 minutes, I open gates. And if 5 min it is long, it is because I have of to put my boots and my raincoat before. The only real categories will be theses women who discovered the squirt technique by masturbating themselves, those who discovered it through least than 1 % of men who know it and those who have never discovered it.


Do you see the power of a nuclear mushroom? It illustrates perfectly the intensity that a woman fountain feels when we make it the technique. Between those who catch the bed as if they were going to fly away and those who are 2 fingers to faint, I can tell you that it is the most powerful sensation that they know about sex. Although this technique does not end necessarily in an orgasm, the sensation is more powerful than this one. The level intensity of this technique surpasses everything, orgasm and fuck.


I am going to say no. I may have read articles on this subject saying that the woman must be mentally particularly relaxed, be in symbiosis completed with her partner, be in love, bla bla bla. It is bullshit. Go explain that to hundred girls to whom I do it at the exit of night clubs, pubs or from anywhere. Already these girls thus know me no symbiosis. Level feelings Zero, neither on one side, nor of the other one. We are there only for sex and each knows it. Even for the shiest and most prudish girls I have of to take out the umbrella. This reaction is purely mechanical. I hear some squirters said that it is necessary to find the good dowser, I would say rather that she have to find the good mechanic. Then it is on that, for some persons, that removes of its magic, its mystery, etc. But there is no love to cause the squirt effect, just a pressure of fingers inside pussy.


If I begin to fuck and if I see that the girl has a pussy too much tightened for me, I am going to do her the squirter technique at the beginning of fuck to dilate a little her pussy, that she wets more and than that slides better for me. On the other hand, if she has a normal pussy, I do the technique at the end for 2 reasons. If I do it at the beginning, the effect is going to be so intense as to fuck her after will seem her insipid. Then she is so much going to wet that when I am going to fuck her, I am going to feel nothing more. It’s as if I penetrated into a glass of water.

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