Why the beauty in man pushes away the women

Beauté homme

Many men think that it is necessary to be beautiful to please the women. It is a monumental error. The beauty is something specific to the women. The men only need to be strong. And apparently, many men of our time forgot that. Many people ask me why they do not arrive to pick up girls although they are beautiful and with muscles. Then I answer them that it is because the male beauty does not attract the women and because their failures are the proof. And there are also other men who ask me what to do to be more beautiful and to be able to try to pick up more easily the women. Then I answer them that you should not especially be beautiful but to look like and to behave as a man.


The beauty is a tool of seduction used by the woman to attract the man. We find her beauty in clothes and its accessories, jewels, perfumes, haircuts, make-ups, removal of hair… Thus if a man uses the same tools of seduction as the woman, understand that this one will see another woman, even competitor there. I also heard very often girls said ” not this guy is too beautiful, he must be gay “. Without forgetting the gays who make a mistake and pick up beautiful and well-kept heterosexuals by thinking that they are gays. Simply because the beauty and the physical refinement is feminine and against the lines of the man.

Thus an advice, forget shirts opened to show his low neck, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brilliant watches way jewels, skin-tight T-shirts, tight pants, cuttings of hair stylized, the removals of hair of eyebrows, armpits and hairs of cock. While eliminating all the factors of the feminine beauty to go to you to pick up more easily.


If a man pushes some cast iron to have only a beautiful body, then make beautiful will be again in a feminine behavior. For those who have already frequented a weights room, we all met at least a athlete to admire his body in front of a mirror. Hummm I am the most beautiful! On the other hand, if a man does body-building in a sports objective or of health, there he takes out of the context of the beauty and does not absolutely adopt feminine behavior.

Last thing concerning the muscle structure. We see at once visually the difference between a man who developed the muscle of his body to be beautiful and who never used his body and a man who developed the muscle of his body because he used it as a tool for something concrete (manual work, sport, fight). And the women know very well how to differentiate a beauty queen of a strong guy.


If you have a doubt on what I say, look at my videos on YouTube or at my photos. I have no hair gel, none jewels, any trendy or skin-tight garment putting forward my body, I am a bearded man and I have hairs under arms and on the cock. I am the opposite of all the criteria of beauty. And nevertheless, I am obliged to have a book only to note all the women’s appointments which want that I fuck them. I am the living proof that the beauty of is of no use to attract the women.


To attract women, it is necessary to be a man. A man who inspires the unwavering strong, self-confident, side. With that, you will be finally effective to pick up.

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