Convince a woman to do anal

convaincre une fille de faire de l'anal

Very often, I am asked for advice level sex to know how if a woman does anal or how convince her to do it. Then I am going to explain you some tips and techniques.


There is a lot of people who think that there are women who do of the anal and others not. Then it is false. All the women make potentially of the anal. Although the polls announce that there are approximately 25 % of women who do some sodomy or who tried, with me it is 90 % which do anal and women of any social, professional categories and different ages. Then why such a difference between the polls and my experience? In the first place, if only 25 % of the women do anal with the other men, it means that the great majority of the men do not know how to tempt the women to do anal and are not good technically. Secondly, if I can do anal with 90 % of the women whom I meet, it shows not only that there is no a category of women who do anal and an other one not but than there is a methodology to tempt them to do it and to restart. And even those who told me never to have did anal or who made me understand that that did not try them to begin again the experience all do anal with me, they all liked and began again.


There are 2 approaches to do a first time anal with a woman. The first approach, which everybody uses and which has rather low success rate, consists in asking her partner if she wants to do anal or not. And the second approach, which nobody uses and who has a higher success rate, consists in asking for nothing but to be attuned to sensations of her partner. And it is necessary to know also that the reactions of the women will be different if the man addresses these within the framework of a relationship of couple or a sex plan.


Within the framework of a relationship of couple

Within the framework of a relationship of couple, many men ask the question to her wife ” Do you want to do anal? Would you try the sodomy? Bla bla bla “. Nevertheless, fact to ask the question expose the man to numerous preventive refusals on behalf of the women. Why preventive refusals? Because many women refer or to the bad experiences of their friends who had bad partners, or in their own bad experience with previous bad partners. And there are especially the women who like very much the sodo when they make sex thing but who never make it when they are in couple because they are afraid of the negative image which their guy could have of them. Thus here we are, now you know why the girls often refuse to do anal when a man asks them the question.

Within the framework of a sex plan

For the men who have a partner within the framework of a sex plan or of an adventure of one-night, know that the women hate that a man asks them a question about how to fuck or asks them for the authorization to make such or such thing. Not only they are going to refuse his request because he will have made the error to ask and in more they are probably going to refuse a second meeting of fuck because they will see a man who is not enough sure of himself and enterprising. The sex plan it is very often something of demanding and from eliminating heat. So the man almost has to make one without fault to stay in the race otherwise he is released and quickly.


Let us see now the second method which passes by a nonverbal communication. This one consists in knowing the approval or the disapproval of her partner to do anal only by observing the reactions of her body movements and her behavior.

Within the framework of a relationship of couple

Then for the men who are in a relationship of couple and who want to do a 1st one sodo, the best it is to tempt not by discussing or by negotiating but by exciting enough the woman so that it is her body which demands it. And for it, it is going to need to stimulate her by stage and with a knowledge mastered of the anal penetration. There is nothing more easy to tempt a woman to do anal during a session of fuck if you stimulate her anally at the moment where she reached her maximum level of excitement. Why at this moment there and not before? Because a woman is always ready to do new erotic experiences which she has never did provided that her excitement is at the most.

Later when I tell not to speak, it does not mean being dumb either. It means not speaking to negotiate to do anal. But when you begin, do not hesitate to ask during the anal penetration so everything is fine near the girl so that you adapted your speed and the depth of the penetration according her felt. Later with the experience, you will not even anymore need to communicate with words to know her felt. You go to understand all her sensations just by watching her body moving, wrinkling, relaxing, raising itself, by looking at the expressions on her face, by listening to the variations of the rhythm of her breath, etc.

Within the framework of a sex plan

Within the framework of a sex plan, the man has all the probability to be able to do anal naturally and without needing to raise the subject because it is a context where the women look for stronger sensations. Consequently, they are more removed inhibitions and offer a bigger freedom of action to the men so that they get them a maximum of sensations. As I said it previously, they are more capable to do sodo when they make sex plans that when they are in couple. Nevertheless in a sex plan, everything is fast and we have not the time to take his time. Consequently, if you are in front of a girl to whom the sodo asks for more setting-up times, forget the sodo and pass to another thing. I call back once again that the sex plan is a demanding test and an eliminating heat. Thus if you spend too much time on a technique which does not succeed, there is a risk of disapproval and elimination for the next meeting.


You saw 2 methods of approach then let us pass to the techniques which are going to stop convincing a woman to want to do anal.


It is necessary to know that at a woman, it is very easy to do any technique of ass on the condition of having made beforehand rise her level of excitement of a way very, very high. Down, it does not work. Then, do not hesitate to do all that it is necessary to excite her a maximum.


It is at the moment where the girl is excited to her paroxysm that it needs to create her the desire to do anal. For that, we are going to use the principle which I call the double excitement. You go to stimulate at the same time her pussy by fingering her or by fucking her and her anus, on which you will have put some saliva, by caressing it then by fingerting it. By doing that, you create her a double excitement. And for the best of you, there is even a triple excitement which is made only manually by stimulating anus, pussy and clito. I am going to give you 2 of my personal techniques. My technique of fingering when the girl is on the back, it is to finger the pussy and with the same hand to put her the little finger in the ass. It is like a small double penetration and increase her excitement. And then when I fuck her, I use the same principle. I take the girl in doggy-style, I put some saliva on her ass, I make little circles above with my thumb and I put in it gradually. Make like that, it passes all the time.


The time of anal fingering is going to depend according to if the girl is novice or experimented. To know her level, it is very simple. By penetrating with the finger, at the beginners, it is always tight and that enters with difficulty. Consequently, it is necessary to go there slowly, gradually, 1cm by 1 cm. And I advise you strongly some lubricant for the beginners. At the experimented women, their anus is more supple and thus the penetration of the finger is easily made you can decrease the setting-up time.


When you created the excitement, aroused the envy to do sodomy with the technique of the double excitement and begun to dilate her with your fingers, then there you can pass in the sodo. For the penetration of the cock, I advise you strongly to use some lubricant that she is novice or experimented. For the beginners, it will facilitate their initiation and will be more comfortable to them and you have more probability than she does again anal. And for the experimented women, the lubricant is going to maximize their pleasure. Then concerning the penetration of the cock, go there quite slowly 1cm by 1 cm that the girl becomes used. You make that during approximately 3, 4 minutes, the time when her anus relaxes completely. If she is a little wrinkled, it is because it is necessary to continue to go there slowly, slowly and gradually. And if she is normally relaxed, there you can increase the rhythm and the depth gradually.


One of the absolute rules is always necessary to change condom when you pass of the anal penetration in vaginal. Why? Because it is a question of ecosystem inside the body. There is an ecosystem of the anal side and one other various from the vaginal side and they are incompatible. If you do not respect this principle, you risk to create vaginal infections at the woman, cystites, etc. And you decrease your chances that she renews the experience.


You have all the bases to tempt a woman to do anal and all the techniques to give her some pleasure and not some pain. Now I do not have more than to wish you good fuck!

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