The phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey

cinquante nuances de grey

To start with, I inform you that I read the first book Fifty Shades of Grey and I looked at its adaptation in movie to the theater not because I like this saga but rather because all my customers know it.


There is indeed a difference. The book is more serious, more hard and it is intended for an adult public. The movie is much lighter, with the humor, with little erotic scenes and intended for a younger public. The movie has for objective to make the saga of Fifty Shades known to the public who did not still know it. And for it, it was necessary to soften its adaptation on the big screens to avoid the censure and touch a maximum of spectators. In brief, we have more a movie for teenagers which looks like Twilight, that an erotic movie. That’s why there is a big difference between the book and the movie and that’s why a lot of people prefers the book.


She is very simple. We transformed the romantic and chivalrous story of the rich prince charming with her beautiful and poor handmaid into a romantic and erotic contemporary story with a rich businessman, gentleman and a beautiful and poor student. It is Cinderella’s story but with sex.


Well, Mr Grey has quite a lot of internal devils that he did not solve. I shall say even that if he had resolved them, there would be no more story. It is a dominator with the charismatic, mysterious look and that refrains to fall in love by fear of losing control of his feelings. Only, the day comes when it falls in love and it upsets him. He does not anymore manage to check his feelings and becomes fragile. In brief, we discover a child who gave himself man’s appearance. Thus and, to be able to dominate her beautiful Anasatasia Steele, he is obliged to submit himself to her wills and her conception of a relationship. Who dominates who? Who submits who? You have now the answer. Attention to despoil: Mr Grey is a duck!


It turns out that I met, among all the threesome that I did, many men telling to be imperious. They have nothing credit note with the stereotype of Mr Grey in suit tie and millionaire. There is of everything, rich people, no rich peaople, with and without suit. In fact, they are present in all the social classes. However, they have a point common to the behavioral level with Mr Grey. They imagine themselves that to be dominator, it is to attach their spouse, to show a little of strength, severity, etc. But many of them did not notice that, as Mr Grey, they were slaves to their own desire to want to dominate and consequently to their wife. How? Already because they need the authorization of their wife to do such or such thing of domination. Thus it is her who controls what the guy has the right to do or not. Then, they need that their wife stays with them to dominate her. If she goes away, they can not dominate anybody so they are going to make every effort to keep her by submitting themself to all her wills. At the end, I saw more women dominating men by their submission that men to dominate really women.


A real dominator can not dominate and submit himself at the same time by concessions. It is contradictory and consequently incompatible. The pure domination offers no compromise, asks for no authorization and asks for the detachment. If the man is in the optics to make some pure domination and which the woman refuses then it is necessary to him either to convince her without making of compromise, or to change woman. Here is the definition which gets closer most to a real dominator.

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