My dedication to Dan Bilzerian for Christmas

Dan Bilzerian

For those who do not know Dan Bilzerian, he is someone very popular who is followed on the social networks by about 20 million subscribers. Why? Because he has an outstanding life.

He is an old soldier fortunate who, every week, post photos and videos where we see him accompanied with 5 or 6 top models, in thong or without, and always different from one week to the next. Finally only 5 or 6 because there is no more space on the photo to see the others all around. Whether it is in his private jet or aboard his yacht, he is always accompanied with very beautiful not at all wild creatures with which he leaves travelling worldwide to make expeditions, shooting with weapons of madman, the jet-ski, the snowbike, etc.


Dan Bilzerian & Vincent Acta

When you are famous, they let you do it, you can do anything, juste grab them by the pussy

We remember this sentence from Donald Trump had pronounced a few years ago and who was taken out again in the media during the American elections in 2016. So Dan Bilzerian had fun with it by posting a new photo on his Facebook account. Who is right, who has wrong? The answer in picture.

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