To have of it to use thousands and any brand, your Expert in sexuality Vincent Body Expert can tell you that about is the brand, the condom can break. I am thus going to explain to you how to avoid that a condom breaks, why it breaks, which errors make the men with their condom and which risk you have if this one breaks. Know how to secure a condom is the 1st basic knowledge to be had to maximize your security and that of your partner and to have an easy conscience.


The problem it is because we when it breaks, we do not still notice it immediately. The condom stays on the cock and only the extremity is opened. So, according to the men and their physical sensibility, some are going to detect at once that it broke and others only at the end of their intercourse, at the moment of removing their condom. As for the women, they can detect it at the moment of the ejaculation because they are going to feel the liquid.


The diseases and the sexually transmitted infections

The 1st big problem is to receive possibly or to pass on an infection or a sexual disease among which each ignores that he is expanding.

An accidental pregnancy

The second big problem is to put accidentally pregnant the woman. The woman can get pregnant if there was complete ejaculation but also without ejaculation with the liquid pre-seminal produced during the intercourse.


Open the condom packaging carefully

For men who like to open the condom with your teeth, be careful not to pierce the condom with your teeth by tearing the packaging. I advise you either to grasp only the edge of the package with the teeth, or to open it with your hands.

Put correctly the condom

Well the base of the base, during the placement of the condom, it is necessary to leave absolutely enough space for the reservoir. Simply because there is not enough space at the level of the reservoir, when you go to fuck, the condom is going to stretch on the cock and it is going to drill. And I also invite the girls to verify that their guy puts it correctly and making them the remark if it is not the case.

Never put 2 condoms

Those who speak to me of putting two condoms for twice more resistance, it is forbidden! It is necessary to know that if the man puts two condoms when he fucks, he is going to have a friction between the both membranes. What is going to happen? That is going to break. So, still put only one condom.

Change condom all  the 15 min

It’s better to change condom if you fuck beyond 15 min because the lubricant of this one will have disappeared after this deadlines and the condom will have become dry and fragile. And for the girls who wet a little, or not at all, the lubricant of the condom is going to leave also more quickly. So, it is necessary also to change the condom approximately every 15 minutes. The best to know when to change it, it is to verify the state of the condom during your intercourse in touching it and to observe if it is enough lubricated or not.


To conclude, if you respect all these principles, you increase all your chances to be never confronted with a condom which breaks and you will take advantage of pleasures of the sex in all serenity.