Discover in this video the Fifty Shades massage inspired by the famous novel Fifty Shades of Grey. You have, in this naturist massage, blindfolded and hands tied and you will be my Submissive. Like the heroine Anastasia Steele, discover the pleasures that force can bring to being dominated. It is a unique domination experience to live on Paris and the IDF. For more details on the Fifty Shades, its course, its price, I invite you to visit my page Massages where you can also discover other erotic massages in video.



Here is the story of a couple whose man explains to me want to offer the Fifty Shades naturist massage to his wife. I describe in more detail this massage and we set a meeting on weekdays.

It is 7 pm and I present myself at the reception of a hotel in Paris. The client comes down to get me, then explains to me a little more in detail what he expects of my massage, and wonder if it is possible. I answer that it’s totally in my skills. We continue to discuss and he gives me my payment before arriving at the room. We enter the room but I do not see his girlfriend. Then comes out of the bathroom an ultra sexy young woman in a semi transparent leopard chemise. So it’s her that I will dominate then. The man prepares the towels on the bed then speaks to the young woman. He tells her that he will now leave us and wish him a good massage. I start to prepare some things and then ask him to undress completely and put me naked too. I guide the naked young woman near the bed and stand back to me and I start by blindfolding her. I take care to properly tighten the blindfold over her eyes. Her wish to become submissive and under my domination will now come true. The erotic massage Fifty Shades begins now. I lean her back forward and then rock it on the bed with energy. Surprised by this introduction, she smiles. I sit at her buttocks and take her hands firmly that I put on her back and I tie her wrists between them.

I begin to put oil on his back, her arms and buttocks. My hands slide on her body and I put more intensity and strength at each passage. Slowly but firmly. I know that she does not see me anymore and that she must appeal to all her senses to imagine me. I play with my pelvis against her buttocks as if I kissed her and I hear her first moans of pleasure. While continuing to raise his excitement, I start to dominate her by grabbing one hand the fastening of her wrists and pulling firmly towards me making it arch backwards. My other hand continues to scan her body forcefully.

I release the link of her wrists and when she thought to blow, I grabbed her hair and pulls her head back by giving her first slap on the buttocks. My domination is total. My hand slams her buttocks repeatedly. And with each slap, a groan is heard. Her buttocks turn red but the smile on the face of the young woman and the sounds emitted by her mouth make me understand that she loves it and that I can continue.

I go to the next step and show her my power by ligting her brutally and changing her position. I spread the legs of my submissive and I position between. I release a moment of my grip and slid my hands between her legs. I untie her wrist and turn her on her back. As soon as I do, I put her wrists in front of her, raises her arms above her head and leans on one arm to keep me under my domination. Installed between her legs, I resume my naturist massage with one hand and I busy the breasts and biting her nipples. My face brushes against hers and my lips nibble the lobe of her ear. Every movement I make makes it more and more crazy. I will bend her spirit and submit it a little more to my will. I will make her slave to her own desires. She arches of pleasure and her hands tied seek my sex to grab it.

As Dominator, I then move on to the final act and take it over completely. We get out of bed and blindfolded and hands tied, she follows me blindly. I put her standing facing the wall, arms outstretched against the wall and legs spread. I arch her back and spreads a little more legs and resume my naturist massage. Standing behind her, my body against her, I put my arms under her and mass her breasts. My hands go down gradually to her belly and continue to descend passing between her legs. They return to the bottom of her buttocks where they linger, and a new slap comes down on these. A new thrill is felt, and I see her body waving.

My Fifty Shades massage is coming to an end, so I take off the blindfold and the tie on her wrists. I gather my things and look at the young woman who, sitting on the edge of the bed, sports a very lascivious position. Very seductive, I approach her and prolongs the pleasure of a few moments.