The small duck, it is the one which goes into the rank as soon as mom duck gives him an order or recall to order. And for many couples, mom duck it is the woman and Small duck it is the man. And when mom duck says something, when she is right or wrong, believe me, Mister duck walks to step. I speak to you about that because I see it more and more around me. As well, among the couples of friends, neighbors, storekeepers or my customers. Then I am going to share with you some funny anecdotes whom I was able to attend.


Anecdote n°1

I call a friend to ask him to do a service to me to film at my home to make new erotic videos to illustrate my website. I ask him to be my cameraman, a just my cameraman nothing else.

– My friend: Heuu, I can not, you understand my grilfriend will not be agree.
– The Body Expert: But it isnot to your girlfriend whom I ask for a service it is to you.
– My friend: If I ask her she will not want.
– The Body Expert: Spend me your girlfriend, I am going to negotiate with.
– His girlfriend: No I don’t want. You understand, bla bla bla.

Well, I establish a strategy to make her feel guilty, I make her change of mind in 2 minutes and she accepts. Yes I know, I manipulated her but well at the same time she did not leave me the choice. Here we are, I am obliged to pass by his girlfriend so that she confirms the fact that her duck of guy give me a service. The shame for our poultry.

Anecdote n°2

It is the history of a friend who was released by his girlfriend because she discovered porn videos on the computer of this one.

– My friend: Vincent, it’s serious. What I can make to get back her?
– The Body Expert: At your age, you doesn’t know how to resolve a simple conflict about a porn video? Are you serious? Do you ask me help for that?
– My friend: Yes but you understand, she is very irritated. She holds it against me. She tells me that it’s as if I deceived her with another girl.
– The Body Expert: Why she is breaks your balls for porn videos when she has a complete collection of dildos which she uses when are you not here. Do you tell her that she deceives you with her dildos? No.

And although I did not appreciate at all his girlfriend, I gave him the best advice to get back her. And as I expected it, he followed none by it. He preferred to apologize day after day by crawling more than a week and things returned in the order. Finally… until the next conflict. And as you can suspect it, if our duck already has difficulty in solving a problem so minor, what it will be when that will be a real problem.

Anecdote n°3

A meeting customers for an erotic massage at home with a couple. The man is a Director of a big very known company. We could say to ourselves that he has to have of the authority to know how to manage teams of men who are supposed to be elites. The guy has power between hands, he influences personalities, presses on the world economy. But back home, it is one any other story. It is his young woman who gives orders. And I can tell you that she gives it a lot and not a very courteous tone. I believe that if she had told him to jump in bell foot into all the flat in pink dress, he would have did it.

During the erotic massage:
– Him: Have you not too cold?
– Her: No
– Him: Are sure you? You don’t want a towel to warm yourself?
– Her: No
– Him: Do you want a pillow?
– Her: Bring I that one. Not that one. But you do not see the one that I show to you?! Then bring me a glass of champagne. She tells him curtly.
– Him: At once my darling. Do you want less light? Do you want this? Do you want that?

It is good, let her quiet. I believe that if he had even more crawled, he would have damaged the carpet. As for this magnificent young woman, I had doubts on his job. I hesitated between model or foreman. Even if this Duck was excessively careful, I was sad for him so he was manhandled. It is simple, every time she talked to him, he lost feathers. Personally, even if it means living with a luxury bitch, I would have chosen it kinder one.

Anecdotes n°4

I go to a couple to make a naturist massage and the man receives me. We are in the entrance and he indicates me that his wife is in the bedroom. We discuss then at the time of going to join his wife in the bedroom, he tells me by seeing my backpack that I cannot take it in the bedroom because his wife does not like backpacks. We are thus going to make a small game. What I did according to you?

Answer A: I did my Duck and I agreed to submit myself to the whim of Madam by letting escape a shout of duck.
Answer B: I ran towards the bedroom by throwing my backpack at the foot of the bed and by shouting “Allah Akbar !!” (small wink of eye to the paranoia of media).
Answer C: I answered to the husband “I need my bag thus I keep it“.


Some customers were used to ducks, others make their speciality, the duck house. And as these Ducks comply all with their will, they really forget what is the contesting, the refusal. Until the day when they meet me and when I restore things in the good order. Do they ask me for something? I refuse. And better, it is me who give them orders. And if they refuse, I oblige them by saying to them that I cannot make the massage otherwise. They are shocked that we resist them. Then sometimes, I also make them a small blow of “Not like that, like that” Just to show that they do wrong. And strangely, they make less their cunning. Then arrive finally “Haaa! Finally a man! Finally a who take things in hand“. And they become pleasant then soft and seductive then. It is incredible as it is… predictable. Because yes, there is nothing of complicated. To remove the disrespect, it is necessary to begin by removing his coat of feathers. And to inspire the respect, it is necessary to dress his skin of beast and rather that of Lion by taking decisions with an irremovable insurance.