Discover 3 absolutely unusual erotic stories where a woman wants an erotic massage before the death of her father, another takes cocaine in full session, and the last one watches a porn movie during her erotic massage. Good reading !

The erotic massage before the death of her father

I receive the phone call of a woman who says me wanting an Xtreme erotic massage for tonight. I look at my diary and I have again a last crenel in the evening. She asks me a last question and asks me if I have a big dick. I answer her that I never give informations on this matter but that my customers are very satisfied. By asking me this question, I understand that only Xtreme will interest her and no other massage. Then we confirm the appointment.

The hour of the appointment arrives and I return on Paris to make an erotic massage in a luxurious hotel where lives the customer. I go to her room, appear and to get acquainted, I ask her if she is on Paris for business or for holidays. She answers me while she was not live in France and while she is of passage on Paris for the death of her father. Then obviously when she tells me that, that cools the atmosphere. I express her my condolences then she answers me that he did not die yet, that he is going to die in a few hours. I had the impression to move the knife in the wound then I wish her some courage and quickly change subject. I ask her of which erotic massage she wants and she answers me again Xtreme. She says me that she needs to change the ideas, that she needs a brutal thing to think any more of nothing. Some dive into the alcohol, the antidepressant or other and she it is in the sex. Interesting. The first time when I see that.

I take a shower to cool me before beginning the massage. I return and say to the woman to put herself completely naked and to remove all her jewels. Naked time, I say her to lengthen on the stomach on the bed. I undress and join her. I sit down on her buttocks then begin by massing him the back quietly. Then at the end of 5 min hardly she begins to move buttocks to tell me, well, it is good the back, now moves on. Then I begin to mass her buttocks then cross my hands between her leges. She lifts then her buttocks even higher and opens her legs. And she says me “Hummm I am a good bitch!“. I recognize to her undoubtedly that she has certain talents on this matter. So, when we say me that, I am obliged to answer otherwise I am going to be thought of as a shy person. So i answer  her “No, you are a war dog!”

My naturist massage in Paris is finishing and I see a smile on her lips. She asks me then how I make to get hard all the time. I say her that when we are a professional, we know to master his body from A to Z. I resume my affairs then I leave by wishing her good courage.

A customer under cocaine

Erotic story: sex and cocaineWe often hear it on the TV, the drug it is bad. I laugh about it still so much it was funny. It is an erotic story of the most true, I assure you.

It is a new swinger couple of customers who calls me for a naturist massage. I move the same evening instead of the rendezvous in a chic district of Paris, and introduce myself to a couple in their fifties. The flat is immense and very luxuous. The couple shows me the direction of their room so that I prepare my things, and the woman disappears a few minutes to get a glass of champagne. Meanwhile, the man explains to me as an aside that it has been several days that they do not stop kissing without even sleeping, because he and his wife have consumed a lot of cocaine in recent days. Not having to involve me of their private life, I smile and answer him a commonness. The woman returns and adorned me to have at first sight an attitude completely normal. But if I tell you this story, it is because things are very fast going to evolve.

I thus begin to make my naturist massage. The woman and I are on the bed and the husband sits in an armchair in a corner of the room and fantasy to look at the scene. Then at the end of 20 minutes, the woman start a long conversation with her husband, as if I was not any more there. And they tell another time when they received a couple of friends to have dinner. I then become completely transparent and the woman pays no more attention to my erotic massage. She is totally absorbed in the conversation about this couple of friends.

Then suddenly she interrupts me, gets up and leaves for another cup of champagne, while also offering me one too. She also asks me if I know a vibrator from a brand called Magic Wang. I answer him no, and shocked she answers me: ”you do not know it? Darling, he does not know the Magic Wand!” This followed a long monologue on all the pleasures of this vibrator and its different modes of function. She delivers a stream of words that crushes my brain and does not stop for a second. Seeing her not stop, I close her conversation to return to the massage. We go back to the room for the last part, and she tells me: “Wait, I am going to take it and to show it to you. I can have 30 orgasms in 1 hour with that“. And she leaves naked in her flat apartment to look its legendary vibro. She returns a few seconds later with a gigantic vibro. The thing is a war machine. That had to make approximately 30 or 40 cm long. In brief, I was entitled to an attractive demonstration on the bed. Legs spread with its vibro, it was spirit to take off completely.

She then turns to the night table and takes a small picture frame on it. And while getting her pussy vibrated, legs apart, with her vibrator, she explains that it’s her 20 year old girls in the photo, and wondered if my erotic massages could interest them, and if she could introduce them to me . There in my head, I measure all the excess of cocaine.

Finding this endless session, I decided to listen to this one. I then take my business, greet the couple of customers, and laughs internally telling me that I have a good story to tell. It is also this kind of adventure the job of Naturist masseur.

Sextape and erotic massage

Erotic story: sextapeI have an appointment for an erotic massage in Paris with a new woman customer. I knock at the door indicated, then it opens me making meet a pretty brunette with long hair, dressed in a bathrobe and elegantly holding a glass of wine in hand. She lets me in and talks with me with a strong foreign accent.

She tells me that she comes from the United States and is passing through the capital. She is very jovial and tactile, and I think the wine had to be for something. We start talking to get to know each other and then I prepare my things for the erotic massage. She explains to me that she is in the process of divorce and that she wishes to enjoy again her freedom. Nevertheless, the way she tells me tells me that this situation affects her and that the wish for divorce does not come from her but from her husband.

While chatting with her in the room, I realize that are arranged on the bedside table near the bed, 3 huge bottles of lubricant with the inscriptions “Fuck Water”. Then, taking a quick look at the rest of the room, I see on a shelf, a transparent box containing gigantic dildos. I smile and understand better the presence of “Fuck Water” now.

I then ask her what massage she chose and she answers the Kama. She asks me if she can put music through her laptop and I answer that it is possible. She takes it then, lies naked with her laptop, and informs me that I can start my massage. I start my massage then when it begins to get very hot, she turns to her laptop, clicks on several folders and shows a porn video of her and her husband. So I discovered live sextape of this couple while vibrating with pleasure this pretty American woman.

So some people are probably wondering why she put a sextape during her erotic massage? The answer is simple. She wanted to take pleasure by proxy, that is to say, imagining that it was her husband who gave it. Yes, by caring for naked women every day, feminine psychology has no secret for the Body Expert.