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Discover a selection of naturist massages reserved for women. Know that for couples, the spouse can attend or participate in the session if he wishes. I invite you to check out my massage couple formulas. Although I am located in the Paris region, know that I also move to Cannes. To set an appointment and know the payment terms, thank you to contact me either by phone or email. Now, place to the erotic story.

The story of an erotic massage in Cannes really hot

I happen to be called from the French Riviera to ask me if I can go down for an erotic massage in Cannes. So I’m going to tell you the story of this new couple that the man contacted me this summer and paid the plane ticket for me to go to his hotel to do a naturist massage to his wife. He tells me he wants to give him a Xtreme massage and he wants to be present but only to watch.

The terms and payment being paid in advance, I confirm the appointment for the erotic massage at the hotel and go. A few days later, I go to the Orly airport and once arrived at Nice airport, I take a taxi that takes me to the address in Cannes. It is around 14h and I discover a beautiful luxurious hotel. I go to the front desk and tell the receptionist that I am expected by Mr and Mrs X to room number 604. This one calls my couple of customers then tells me that I can go up. I smile because the receptionist does not know who he is in front of him.

I go up to the room then knock on the door of my couple. A gentleman opens me and I introduce myself to him. He then introduces me to a beautiful woman, glamorous whose dress seems to be made to measure. Its elegance is remarkable. This erotic massage session in Cannes seems to me to start well. I discuss with the couple a few moments who is pleasantly surprised to have discovered my website. After this little introduction, I prepare my stuff to start my massage. I remind the woman what the Xtreme naturist massage is and go. They made me come and give them a demonstration of my talents so I will give them the maximum. I’m going to make room 604 shake so much that even the farthest seismograph is going to feel the shaking.

The Xtreme is not a soft massage, it is bestial and wild, wild. So I approach the young woman and orders her to put her back to me, hands against the wall. I push her back with one hand and pulls her pelvis from the other to make it arch in semi doggy style then I slap her on her buttocks that her dress molds to perfection. I lift the bottom of her dress and down her thong with energy down her ankles. I plate my pelvis against her buttocks and she starts to move them rubbing against me as much as possible. I take off her high heels. I take off her dress that I throw on the ground and I undress in my turn. In front of me, I plate against me, lift one leg, and I lift her by the buttocks where she puts her two legs around my waist and I take it to bed.

As for the rest, only people who have made an appointment with me know it. In the end, the husband congratulated me on my performance. He told me with a great smile that it was amazing. Excited, it looks like he just witnessed the victory of his favorite sports team. As for the woman, she is still panting on the bed, drained of all energy. You think that my erotic massage session in Cannes is coming to an end? No no no. This was only the first part because the gentleman asked me when making an appointment to come back in the early evening for a 2nd session. So between the two, I took the opportunity to visit a little more the city of Cannes. And when the time for the second appointment arrived, I pulled out new assets that I had carefully kept in reserve. This is a professional. My erotic massage session for couples ending, I leave my young wife again on the brink of dehydration and this splendid hotel in Cannes to find my hot parisian customer.