Erotic massage at hotel and at home

Choose the place where you wish to take advantage of your session. Discover, on Paris and the Ile-de-France, the erotic massage at the hotel or the erotic massage at home (at your place of residence). About is the place, my discretion is always insured. Besides, the price list of every naturist massage at home will be identical about is the place of the session.


Erotic massage hotel ParisThe erotic massage at the hotel is the ideal formula for the people of passage in Paris and IDF  or who do not wish to receive in their home.

Two towels will be to plan to protect the bed of the oil. And to give rhythm to our erotic session, I bring my BOSE speaker to add a musical atmosphere for an even hoter atmosphere.

Also know that my discretion in hotels is always insured. Upon my arrival, you can either make me rise directly in the room by giving me the room number, or to come to find me in the reception. Once arrived in the room and having to make some presentations, I do not have more than to set up towels on the bed, to prepare my oil, to activate my music playlist and let’s go for a hot massage.


Erotic massage at home Paris The erotic massage at home takes place at your home (in Paris and IDF) so that you took advantage of the comfort of your flat or of your home. No need to move. And once ended, you are always at your home. As for my discretion, it is always insured.

I mass you in the bedroom, on the bed. For the staff, it is just necessary to plan two big bath towels to protect your bed of the oil. For the rest, I take care of everything. Arrangement of towels on the bed, the musical atmosphere with my portable speaker and my playlist, you will have all the conditions to have a professional erotic massage at home without getting out of your house.

I also ask I can take a shower at the end of the session to refresh me if need be.