This erotic story begins with the reception of a SMS of a woman asking me if I have availability for a naturist massage for a session of 2 hours for her sister and she, at their home, in Versailles. I consult my diary, propose her a date and let us arrange an appointment.

I move in the evening in Versailles for my erotic massage at home and ring at the indicated door. A fair young woman with the long, very slim hair opens me and invite me to enter. Her flat is rather big and filled with boxes. She apologizes to me for the disorder and informs me that her sister and she have just moved there is little and that they have not still had time to tidy up everything. I see however only a woman and not two. I ask her if it is herthat I got on the phone because I do not recognize her voice and she answers me that it was her big sister that I got on the phone. I strike up the conversation to get acquainted a little and as it adorned me rather young, I ask her for her age. She answers me that she is 22 years old and that her big sister has 25 of it. I ask her then how came to them the idea to want to have an erotic massage and she answers me that it is her big sister who had the idea. That she and her sister see frequently sex clubs and that by seeing my web site her big sister wanted to test a new erotic experience and incited her to take advantage of it also. The young woman tells me that her big sister is late but that she should arrive by a few minutes and that we are going to begin without waiting for her. I feel her a little put under stress and I smile inside because I already know the continuation. By a few minutes, I am going to remove her stress and to replace it by an excitement as she) has never seen. She knows that she is going to be excited during the massage but she does not suspect to what extent. We go to her bedroom and he ask which massage she wants. She wants the naturist massage XXX. I prepare some affairs, my great speaker BOSE to put of the atmosphere and it left.

I see her standing ready of the bed and approach her. I put myself behind her and stick my body against his to create a first contact. My hands travel her body and touch erogenous zones. I remove her clothes one after the others by leaving her only her underwear. Once in string, bra, I recover in in front of she and pushed back against the wall. It is the moment to create a thermal shock. I remove my T-shirt which I throw to the ground. I raise her leg and I flatten myself against her as if I was going to take her against the wall. The face changes immediately. Now, she wants that I really take her. Her face sticks to mine and I feel her lips getting closer more and more to my neck as to kiss me. The fever of the excitement invades her. Always against the wall, I finish to undress her. I unfasten her bra and go down her thong with my teeth to show her that I am going to devour her. I then do her remove my jeans and my boxer where my excitement is visible too.
I ask her where is her bathroom and I follow her. She has a rather spacious shower cubicle. I come before and begin to do the regulation of the hot water. And during 10 minutes, our bodies merged and moved at the rate of her of orgasmic pleasures. That’s it the result of an intense erotic massage.

We hear the front door to open and the young person me woman with me says me by smiling and in a collusive way that it is her sister who has just arrived. I interrupt the erotic shower and go out us to dry ourselves. While we going out of the bathroom we let us meet her big sister who apparently looks like her very on the face. The same nose, the same look, even natural of hair. Dressed in a simple towel, I appear briefly. She says us some hot sentences to tease each other and leaves us only ones to continue our session.

I take back my naturist massage and as the young woman is rather small and light, I am say that I was a little going to add of spine to take her towards the bed. While removing my towel of the size, I say her to remove her towel. I approach her again and lift her by buttocks and glue against my pond. She catches me by surrounding her legs around my size and embraces me of her arms by the neck. Humm, a position which has many meanings. She looks at me intensely and I see in the eyes the voracious desire to kiss me. I so transport her up to the bed and lengthen her on the back. As for the continuation, I do her an erotic massage so hot as even her bed has to remember it itself.

At the end of the massage, I lengthen on the bed and discuss with the young woman who does not still return there. 10 minutes pass. I get up and leave the bedroom without getting dressed again. I create my effect by arriving completely naked in front of the big sister who waited for me in the lounge. I ask her where is her bedroom and I do the transfer of my affairs from a room to the other one. Once the transfer was ended, I ask her which erotic massage she wishes and she answers me that as it is she the the big sister, she offers herself the hottest massage, the Xtreme.