For the pregnant women who would want to know my various services, I invite you to consult list of my naturist massages.

Now, this is the story of my first erotic massage of a pregnant woman. It’s midday and I am lunching at my home when I receive a SMS of a woman explaining me that she would want the Erotic Sensual Massage and asking me if it is possible knowing that she is 6 months pregnant. I answer him that it is completely possible and that I shall adapt my erotic massage as a consequence. She asks me then if I am available that very day for 14 hours and answer her that not but if I have a time slot of free between 4 pm and 6 pm. She always answers me by SMS that it’s a pity because she really wants it of a maintaining and because she will not be available at the end of afternoon. A long phase of negotiation followed itself where it tries to convince me by all means to have appointment almost immediately.

To do change me of opinion, she uses several techniques. The first one is to warm me at the most. She tries to pick up me completely by praising me all the beauty of each of the parts of her body and tells me that I shall not be disappointed by seeing her. That even pregnant, she would arrive to make me hard. I smile but do not change of opinion. Seeing that her approach does not work, she changes strategy and tries to do me feel sorry myself for the fact that she will certainly not have of other opportunity to see me and that that would it’s a pity be to pass next to this beautiful appointment. But once again, we do not teach the old monkey to make the face. Then I always remind to him with a half-smile that I have no availability before 4 pm. The negotiation then comes to its end at the end of almost 15 min of dredge and attempts of seduction by SMS.

2 hours pass and a few minutes before my appointment of 2 pm, I receive again a SMS of this pregnant woman to say to me that, after all, she can release himself for 4 pms and asks me if from my side it is always possible. I confirm then the appointment and I say to myself that she really wants of her erotic massage.

4 pm comes and I go to Paris for my erotic massage at home. A very smiling young woman  opens me the door and lets in me. She seems have near 27 or 28 years, fair in the rather slim, shoulder-length hair and with an enormous stomach of pregnant woman. By looking at theis stomach, I did not expect that it is so big. But it is not at all a problem for the erotic massage. We cross the flat in the direction of the massage room then we discuss. She explains me that she has very strong desires at the moment, very powerful drives, always desires of sex and that her boyfriend does not follow the rhythm. She says me that an erotic massage would do good to her. I tease her by doing her understand that I imagined well the situation in view of its burning SMS. I tell her that it is not any more a desire but an urgency there and she begins laughing by saying me that it is completely that.

I ask her then some questions on her pregnancy to assure me that the erotic massage of this pregnant woman goes well. Then I tell her to put itself naked and to lengthen on the back on her bed. I begin then my first erotic massage with a pregnant woman. And seen her reactions disproportionate when I touched her, I confirm that pleasure of a woman is multiplied tenfold during her period of pregnancy. As if to knowing if she would arrive to make me hard even by being pregnant, it is a point on which she was right.