Here is the very polemical subject which is the one of the homosexuality. You all heard advertising campaigns to explain you that the homosexuality is a personal choice appropriate to its free will, and that it is on no account a disease. But the question which I am going to put it is: the homosexuality is there always a personal choice, or has it outer factors which can influence the sexual orientation of a man or a woman?
And there, I am going to speak to you about things which these advertising campaigns refrain from putting forward. These are the endocrine disrupters present in the products of the food, hygiene, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and textile industries.


The endocrine disruptor is a chemical agent that causes physical or psychological abnormalities. I will give you some examples.

The physical abnormalities: these chemical agents are responsible for the increase in cancer rates, obesity, sterility, micro penis, impotence, etc.

The psychological anomalies: these chemical agents are responsible for the increase of the rates of Alzheimer diseases, autism, depression, behavioral disorders, schizophrenia, insomnia, hyper activity, etc.

Now that you understand that the exposure of an endocrine disruptor (chemical agent) over the medium term is able to change the physical or psychological state of a person without being aware of it, you will quickly understand that a disrupter is also able to change the sexual attraction of a person without knowing its origin.


Now, we will see from the side of the scientists, because some people said to themselves:
– But is not it a little odd that there is a sudden increase in homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality right now?
– And the guy said to his colleague: It does not tell you to do a little research on the side of industrialists?
– And his colleague answers: Noooon, it is not because they are responsible for cancer, infertility, psychological disorders and obesity, they would also be responsible for a hormonal change with consumers . Nooooo, they have too much ethics!

But hey you know how scientists are, you put something suspicious in front of them, and right now they want to look. So they searched, and some research would actually link changes in sexual orientation of part of the population and industry. I want to say that even without being scientific, it seemed predictable. As for scientific sources, they are available at the end of the article.


So the question that we are going to ask now is, how can a chemical agent be able to change a person’s sexual orientation? It should be known that what defines a person’s sexual orientation is their balance of male hormones (testosterone) and female hormones (estrogen).

Hormone disruption in children and adults

If a man or a woman consumes on a regular basis, over the medium term, one or more industrial food, hygiene, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, including endocrine disruptors, which decrease its hormone of male or female origin, or which increase the hormone opposite, an imbalance will be created, which may result in a change of sexual orientation.

Hormonal disruption in babies during pregnancy

And this equilibrium can also be damaged directly with babies in the womb, if they expose themselves to disrupters. The reason why cigarettes, alcohol and other products are forbidden to pregnant women is because women can transmit biological imbalances to their child during pregnancy leading to physical or psychiatric problems. These products, which unbalance hormones and psychology, could very well explain why a child is born with a homosexual tendency and grows up with it later. So what may seem natural to some, may be a simple transmission of disrupters from mother to child.
All this raises an ethical problem because homosexuality today is more likely to be a chemical and industrial influence than a natural fact.


It is true that homosexuality, just like cancer, or autism have existed for centuries, and that there were no industrial products before. Nobody questions their existence in the past. Nevertheless, the proportions were less than in the era of industrialization.
Some will talk about liberating speech about increasing homosexuality so far. Nevertheless, the release of speech is not adaptable concerning the increase of cancers and autism, nor for the marine species which see an increase of the homosexuality only in the zones of water with high concentration of estrogen related to the industry.
And if you think that homosexuality, cancer, and autism have no link in common, here is what they have in common: their speed of propagation, their date of progression during the same era of industrialization, and the appearance in high quantity of chemical agents in the body of the population. The release of speech is only a powder in the eyes to hide a major public health problem.


A question that also comes up is: why are some male bodybuilders loaded with testosterone block homosexuals? Do not see that testosterone, you must also see the level of estrogen. And when the latter has reached a very high level, or exceeds a certain threshold, it changes the sexual orientation of a man regardless of his level of testosterone.


I posted on Twitter my YouTube video on the link between the increase in homosexuality and endocrine disruptors, and as expected, it did not please some people in the gay and lesbian community who reported my post to Twitter moderators. And what was to happen happened, and my count was blocked.
I can put porn pictures, that’s no problem, but talk about a scientific subject that challenges the current origins of homosexuality, what blasphemy towards the unique thought. Formal prohibition to call into question all the LGBT propaganda and the naturalness of homosexuality, even if it is purely scientific in nature.

Censure Twitter sur l'homosexualité

To sum up, question the naturalness of homosexuality and make the link with industrial products is hateful conduct. And I am informed that my video attacks, threatens, or harasses people in relation to their sexual orientation. Except that my video, like this article, speaks only of science and in no way attacks, threatens, or harasses anyone.

As you will understand, Twitter is not neutral, takes full stand for the LGBT lobby, and censors all who question the naturalness of homosexuality. Moreover, Twitter and all other social networks are not platforms for free trade but censorship. They only allow publications that serve their ideology, and remove all voices of contestation and opposition to dominant ideologies.


To conclude, homosexuality can be a natural fact as an invisible disease for some people. Some will find the term violent disease, however, any degeneration of the endocrine system is considered medically as a disease, as well as a degeneration of the nervous system, or other.
For people who are wondering how to avoid exposure to endocrine disruptors, avoid using industrial products, or using chemicals, and focus on everything that is organic. It’s ultra expensive, but it’s the price to pay if you want a real health and stay in control of your mind.
Now, I hope that this article has allowed you to have a more complete look at homosexuality, and that it will bring more tolerance to this community, but none of the industrialists who poison your products for profit.


Homosexuality and endocrine disruptors

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Testosterone in women

Here are 3 extreme examples to show you that chemical agents (contained in their doping products) can change the physical and sexual orientation of women. These sportswomen all have a man’s body, and like men, they are all attracted to women.

– Olympic female athlete Andreas Krieger
– The tennis player Amélie Mauresmo
– MMA fighter Amanda Nunes

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