To start with, we are going to eliminate the methods of seduction way gentleman. Too soft, not rather effective, and against productive. I am going to give you more offensive advice and principles which are more important than the techniques of pick up. To try to pick up a girl and to have a positive result it is a work of tightrope walker. Needs to make a perfect performance. If you make an error in your course before having passed by the sex compartment, consider that it is done. There is rarely of the second chance.

In man, the trying to pick up is the result of the behavior and not the beauty of the appearance. And obviously everybody makes the opposite. You want to please a girl? Return to the origins of the man, show that you are the male. The priority to increase its efficiency of pick up, it is to remove your defects before adding qualities.


Do not look like a woman

All the common points which you could have with a woman, you remove them. A woman does not want to be tried to pick up by a man in the behavior similar to his. Example: a man should not wear a shirt with the buttons of the top opened to show his pectoral muscles. Copy a technique of specific trying to pick up to the women, who put low necks to show their breasts, will make you be thought of as a woman who wants to make beautiful. Also forget creams, flavors, jewels, removal of hair and all the similar things which the women make. We would imagine bad Clint Eastwood line opened with subtleties on him, trendy haircut and the depilated cock. Do not forget that those who make the fashion are not the most virile men (Jean Paul Gautier, Yves Saint Laurent, etc.). Thus put not clothes which show the beauty of your body or your muscles but clothes which inspire the strength.

Do not look like a child

If you begin to speak video games, board games, card games, comic strips, great hero or to propose exits on these themes, you will be thought of as a child thus no man at the grown-up stage. Level pick up, zero. Clothing level, avoid the flashy colors. It is the color code reserved for the children. And I speak to you even no T-shirts Star Wars, Simpson or others.


The body movements, the posture

Very important also, be not curled up, any lung, overstrung, running away from the look or other one. Look like a right, strong guy who holds on his legs. A man sure of himself.

The voice

If you tend to have a light or acute voice, work it, modify it to have the gravest possible voice. Other detail, if you hesitate or stammer if only once during your conversation, you will break this image of insurance. Consider that you have already lost.

The way of speaking to a girl

It adorned that the women like the humor? They like the humor yes, as they like skirts. Would they want be fucked by a clown or a guy in skirt? No. There is a difference between what they like and for what they really wait. To laugh ceaselessly or to throw jokes non-stop is also child’s attitude.

Then the idea it is not to be austere. Speak to her about things which are going to intrigue her, make you mysterious, to arouse at her a sexual excitement. Shock her, provoke her, challenge her. Now, you will interest her.

Pick up, it is to impress

She must be also impressed by your insurance and your skills in numerous domains. You must be polyvalent and be competent everywhere. Do not put yourselves equally. The equality or the inferiority does not impress, you have to appear above her, without speaking to her as if she was stupid, and without being thought of as a conceited.

Take a phone number

I wrote to take, not to ask or to leave her number. Thus we eliminate “you can give me your number?” Which leaves the possibility of one not. We eliminate Hold him here is my number “which does not guarantee that she once calls back the fallen again adrenalin. Then we cross in “Listening, I am going to take your number like that we get later bla bla bla. Go to it I listens to you.” Roughly, we offer no choice, thus no refusal and you are always thought of as a guy on of you.

When you will have a good level of pick up, you will not even need to cross by the compartment phone number. Take her express at your home, at her home or at the hotel.

The use of the telephone

The telephone serves only to give meetings. Not of bla bla useless. Not of “me wanted to hear your voice or to speak with you“. You are not his best friend or his gay friend. No extending pick up by SMS, it also makes the guy who hides behind his phone because he does not assume to pick up in reality. You want to pick up? Do it in reality, face-to-face.

Arrange a second meeting

It is you who fix the day of meeting, the hour and the place. If you let make this choice to the girl, you will be thought of as an undecided one, somebody who lacks of self confidence, who does not know how to make a decision or who is in his feet. Roughly, nothing positive. She is not available, in the day or at the hour which you fix to him? You change until she is but it is always you who fix rules. If that does not really work, feint and let decide her in the daytime and on the time of the appointment and change her hour only of 30 min or 1 hour always to be the last decision-maker.

The fundamental principles to be held

Have man’s attitude, maximal and unwavering insurance, control over everything and leave no choice.


We know all what that is disappointing, to see unpleasant for his ego to get knocked back. And rakes, you go to take height as long as you do not master in perfection the principles enumerated above. Forgets him of a single principle and it is a rake. But we can return the less boring thing, see even without any impact on its morale. You get knocked back in front of one or several people? Keep an attitude of strong, unwavering man. If you are disappointed, hurt or angry, mask him. The more you paraitrez solid as the castling, the more you will win in insurance and in efficiency the next time.

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