Present in the Love Expo show from 21 till 23 April 2017 in Rungis, I roamed in paths to present my 3 business poles with the public: the private porn movie part, naturist massage for couple, as well as the advice part about the sexuality. Then I answered their questions. In this show we found stands of striptease with of fabulous strippers and porn actresses for shows in private cabins, stands of sale of sextoys and lingerie, bars, spaces of meeting for the swinggers and especially a big podium for very erotic public shows. Well to have participated 3 days, I was very reserved on the quality of the Love Expo show. There was of the very good, but espacially of the very bad.


The big podium and its shows deserving of big cabarets

The numbers are of a high-level quality and the rhythm is perfectly mastered. To every announcement of resumption of the shows on the podium, the public leaves the rest of the show without interest to amuse in front of real incredible shows with artists quite so talented the some that the others.

Nephael: the Queen of the show

NephaelFor those who do not know her yet, this charming young lady is called Nephael. It is the young woman who makes very sexy shows in live cam and who is also a presenter on the CStar channel on Sunday evening in the erotic broadcast “Enquête très spéciale”.

To return to the show, I can tell you that it was the most attractive attraction of Love Expo. Seducer in the way of moving and of undressing, she masters perfectly her body and charms to the perfection the eyes of the spectators. But one of her other assets in not not to consider is her smile which is also devastating as her body.

Close to her public and to her fans, she is also a very nice woman with whom the public can discuss easily. Unmistakably, she has all the qualities of a big professional.


An opening of chaotic show

To start with, the 1st day, the show had 1h20 of delay in its opening. The public waited on the parking lot because the inside was not ready and the staff arrived one by one. And naturally, no communication on the wait time to inform the public who became dissatisfied. Brief, not very professional all this and especially very negative for the opening of a show.

Shops of sale of sextoys and lingerie unsuccessfully

Bad idea to present exactly same articles as those available on the Internet. In other words, the public walked near, had a brief blow of eye out of curiosity and passed its way without making of purchase or little. The public of the show consisting mainly of 98 % of men alone, these sirs paid no attention on these stands of sale of sextoys aimed at women.

Of the sale of DVD without sales

Who is going to buy DVD of sex when all the porn is in free access on the Internet. Consequence? Any sales or little.

Stands with strippers in cabins deprived without customers

Other bad idea. People paid a ticket to enter in the show and apparently were not to motivate at the idea of paying second time to see a show even if this one is private. In brief, no success. The strippers remained standing in front of their stand all day long without almost any customer. To want to sell a service without making of demonstration beforehand did not apparently incite the visitors to buy their private show.

Strippers who wear the thong of their wife

In the incoherence, we also have strippers who begin their shows for the feminine public by using dress codes reminding the virility of the man via dresses of the army, the police and of heroin and who end in feminine lingerie by raising a thong. Ridiculous. I have no memory that the port of the thong at the men made fantasize the women.

Too many time-outs between the shows

The shows proposed on the podium or the theater are in hours programmed with limited durations. The problem it is because once the ended show, the public has to look at nothing more in the place and roams in this one while waiting for the next show.

The guest of honor Clara Morgane absent

Announced in the casting of the show and presented roughly on the posters of this one, the public expected to meet Clara Morgane inside the show. Unfortunately, the visitors were not able to see her because she was not simply present during the show. A disappointment furthermore for certain visitors who made the express travel to see her.


Love Expo made the error present a show of the eroticism by thinking that it amounted to align stands at erotic characters. A big error of strategy when 80 % of stands did not get the interest of the visitors. And 80 % of stands, that makes a lot. The echos of the public present on the show are unanimous. He wants more present shows on the whole the space and without paying twice. Love Expo will answer the waits of the visitors in their next passage? Answer in one year to discover it.