Here are 2 erotic anecdotes of women passionate about sextoys that I met during my naturist massage sessions. You will discover that of a tourist came with her anal plug between the buttocks, and another charming woman who prepared me all her collection of sextoys for me to use on her.

A tourist and her butt plug

From time to time, among couples, women receive me decorated with an butt plug between buttocks. It is a way for them to add a more exciting atmosphere still. I am thus going to tell you the first time when I met a woman wearing an anal plug.

I must see a new couple of customers, tourists, for an erotic massage in Paris. I appear instead of the appointment. And I meet a charming couple come from the south of France. It is the summer, it is hot and my casual clothes a little frightened Madam, says me in private conversation her husband. I thus take advantage of it to discuss with both and relax the atmosphere, while preparing my things of massage. Once quite prepared, I indicate to the woman that she can now undress completely and lengthen on the bed. It is a very beautiful woman with the long hair and with the perfect silhouette. We begin to remove each our clothes. She removes her attractive dress and her underwear whereas from my side I remove jeans, T-shirt etc. While I finish to undress, I see her expecting up naked. Freed of all my clothes, I indicate her again that she can lengthen on the bed, on the stomach and she does it.

As she puts one knees then the second on the bed and as she raises itself to lengthen then, I perceive something shining between the buttocks. And there, I say to myself the space of a fraction of a second,  “It is strange, I believed to see something shining“. I approach in my tour of bed to sit down above of her buttocks and there, I see a butt plug decorated with a diamond inserted into the buttocks. And there I say myself,  “Nooo amazing !” . I look then at her spouse sat in the armchair close by and do him a sign of head to say him that it is top. He smiles and agrees. Began then my naturist and candaulist massage.

Nevertheless, when a woman comes and shows her anal plug between the buttocks, it must still honor him and show interest in her approach. So during the massage, I momentarily transformed myself into a jeweler and I examined very closely what seemed to me to be a small jewel. But an anal plug is like an iceberg, the visible part is always smaller than the submerged part. So to find out what was lurking inside, I decided to shoot the diamond that protrudes from her buttocks. Her anus lifts and gently moves away as I pull the diamond, and reveals a metal plug, rather heavy, with a diameter of about 1,6 inches. Without completely remove it, I put it back, and deduce that she must be a regular of sodomy and anal pleasure. That’s good, I also deduce that she will not be shy for the rest of the session. I then resume my naturist massage Kama, change positions regularly, and gives her several orgasms.

Comes the end of the session, and her husband asks me if he can take pictures of her and me in such a position with his anal plug put forward. I accept with pleasure, and submit to him other ideas of photos, which I used to make during my professional photo shootings. Once the souvenir photos finished, I inform him that for next time, I can come with my professional camera so that he can have more beautiful erotic pictures than with his Smartphone. Very satisfied with the session, the couple thanks me and we finish with a glass of Champagne.

The young woman and her arsenal of sextoys

Erotic story arsenal sextoysI have an appointment with a new customer for an erotic massage in Paris at her home. I ring at her intercom, I rise at her home and I discover a young woman about around thirty. She invites me in her living room where we do presentations. We discuss a few minutes then she explains me that it is her first naturist massage. I answer her that it does not amaze me because I am the only one to do it. She tells me that she has a lot of experience with men and boast little with me to show me that it is going to need that I am the top to her. Any problem, she can praise you as much as she wants. I have more experience than her and all the people of her building and her street combined. I shorten then our conversation and tell her that I am going to prepare my affairs for her massage.

She accompanies me up to her bedroom and I discover on the bed an arsenal of sextoys perfectly aligned. When I tell you an arsenal, it is an arsenal. We would have said a seizure of police. It must had to have around twenty sextoys, around all forms and around all sizes. To tease her, I ask her if she makes a deal of sextoys. She says no to me, that it is for me. That I can use them on her.

I answer her that I am the Body Expert, that toys are for beginners or alone girls. I tell her that she can tidy up them. I see a mixture of disappointment and psychological shock on her face. She says to herself that she is going to be bored. But she does not know what really waits for her. I deduct that from it she has to be used to use sextoys in duet. But as I am a professional, I do not need accessories to get some pleasure, and inform to him that she can tidy up them. I see a mixture of disappointment and psychological shock on his face. She already imagines itself that she is going to be bored.

But she does not know what really waits for her. She asked me for the Sensual Massage but saw the arsenal on the bed I tell her that it is too soft for her. I tell her to take the naturist massage Kama otherwise she is going to be bored. The Sensual, it is for the shy persons. She accepts and I transfer all her kid’s toys of the bed. I put them on her shelves and everywhere where it is free. She will tidy up all this later. I install my music, my towels and I tell her that she can now undress. She puts herself naked and lengthens on the bed. I undress and I join her.

I say her to sit down on knees and do the same thing by sticking me against her behind. I begin express with the erotic side, no back massage. My hands slide on her arms, her breasts. She shivers in every passage. She tilts the head and the glue against me. My hands lower along her body and open her legs. I already know that she wets. I go back up towards her breasts and comes down again slowly in passing between her legs. She turns her head to me and already looks at me by asking me to fuck her. At how many time already? Ha yes, 3 minutes. I can tell you that for some girls 3 minutes it is long. There is who say themselves « Well, what is he doing? When does it begin? » Then I warm her completely. I look her as a predator as if I was going to fuck her. I touch my lips against her. I move my pond against her buttocks of which she feels my completely hard sex. I leave her no minute of respite. I raise him his heart rhythm as ever till the end of the session.

At the end I ask her, by knowing the answer, if she misses sextoys. She answers me by smiling that not, seen like that it was not necessary. She adds that she did not expect that it is also hot. I tell her that this is why I am a professional.