The 2015 attacks of Paris boost the erotic massages

Massage érotique attentat Paris

For my part, at 10 pm, I began my naturist massage in Paris in a hotel of the 15th district. I had a hottest appointment with a couple on holidays on Paris. And at 11:15 pm, I went out of the hotel with a smile on the lips by thinking again about the dream creature and about its devastating curves which I had just left.

I took back my car without knowing that it was at present necessary spirit to take place and I quietly took the road to go back home. And there, no cars on road or rather little. Unusual for Friday evening when everybody gets ready to go out on Paris to party the day before the weekend. I said to myself that he had to have can be a big sports event or a big show there. I listened to the radio where I passed from a station to an other one and I heard only some music and entertainments during my 40 minutes of road.

I arrived at my home then I switched on the TV and there, I discovered a multitude of massacres had been committed on Paris. I remember having been surprised because I had no heard special flash on the radio on any stations which I had listened to and this during my road.

I watched TV then attentively and began to hear my telephone to vibrate during almost 2 hours. SMS and calls followed one another on behalf of family, of friends and customers to know if I was on Paris and if I was well. Having reassured them, I spent, as a lot the world, a large part of the night to follow the current events.


I was also enough amazed to see echoed them of these attacks on my activity because yes something in changed. At night of attacks, on Friday, 11/13/2015, I expected that many of my women cancel their appointment and that my number of calls for demands of appointment falls the next days. And well not, it was everything against my big surprise. From the next day, I was submerged by calls of women and by couples wanting erotic massages at home for that very day. My telephone had become a standard. The phenomenon began just the day after attacks and lasted 4 days. It was surrealist.

The explanation? Women and couples tried to forget this misfortune which haunted their spirit with something which would plunge them in a kind of sexual drunkenness. And I can tell you that these women and these couples were never so hot as since attacks.

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