Private session of advice

That you are a man or a woman, discover during a private screening of advice with a professional of the sex, how to master the best techniques of fuck to get a maximum of sensations at his partner and to become more performant. I shall answer all your questions stayed without answer until this day or what you had never dared to ask. My experience and my knowledge will allow me to answer also your questions concerning the methods of trying to pick up and seduction. The men or the women will have no more secret for you.

The session of advice can be made either by an individual interview, or by Skype via webcams, or by telephone. The payment will be made in advance via Paypal.


Sex adviceLearn of all the experience of a Professional of the sex and its advice. I shall explain you the techniques of fuck getting most sensations as well as those to avoid, the positions to favor and why, how to slow down his ejaculation, to be tougher, how to get hard well,  how to decrease the problems of erection, how create some excitement immediately at the woman, how surprise it, etc.

And for the men who want to increase them areas of competence about the pick up, I will transmit you absolutely not conventional methods which go contrary to all the current currents of thoughts. And that’s why that works. I shall advise you on your look, your attitude, your behavior and your charisma.


Increase your potential of kiss with the advice of a pro. Whether it is to become 1st about sex, make a a refresher course because you put aside the sex for a moment or simply to discover how to give more pleasure, I will bring you the best advice to get hard a guy as never and give him sensations that he has never seen.

For the women who also wish advice of seduction, I shall how explain you to increase your potential of femininity and seduction as well as all the tips which are going to make you even more attractive.


You explain me for what you expect from the session and I explain you all that it is necessary to reach your goal with simplicity and efficiency.