Discover the video and the erotic story of sensual massage in Paris for women. The sensual massage is very soft, very voluptuous and the woman is completely naked. In this massage, only the masseur remains dressed, unless the woman massaged chooses the naturist option so that the masseur is naked too. This erotic and sensual massage is intended for women a little shy, or who embark on their first erotic experiences. For more details about the Sensual massage, its course, its price, or to discover more hot massages, I invite you to consult all my page devoted to the erotic massage in Paris.



Here is the story of an erotic and sensual massage in Paris with one of my clients. One day, a young woman calls me on my mobile phone, and explains to me that her boyfriend wants to offer her my Sensual massage as an erotic gift for her birthday. She explains that she had offered him an erotic massage during a trip, and today he wants to offer him one. Then we finish the conversation by setting a date for the appointment.

It’s Saturday night and I’m moving again to do a massage in Paris. I present myself as agreed to the address of his home with a few minutes in advance. A young woman around 25 receives me alone in a dressing gown. However, I hear the presence of her boyfriend going back and forth in different rooms of their apartment. She speaks to me with a touch of shyness and directs me to his room to install my business. Meanwhile, I hear a lighted TV lightly and the comments of an early football match, as well as the young man get busy between the lounge and the kitchen. My analysis makes me understand why he does not show up. He seems to be not only very late in his preparations for his Foot party, but also very much absorbed by it.

I continue to set up my preparations for the sensual massage and once finished, the young woman lowers the lights to create a subdued atmosphere. She removes her dressing gown that she puts on the bed, and reveals a naked body in front of me quite charming. A window in his room gives a remarkable view of Paris, but also on a neighboring building. Then she goes naked to the window and closes her curtains. She then lies down on her stomach and I begin to put oil on her body. While spreading the oil, I look with pleasure the sensual curves of her body.

I start my massage by sliding my hands lightly on her back and arms, then I go down sensually to her buttocks. After a few minutes, I feel resistance to letting go. I know she is trying to prevent her body from expressing herself and showing her pleasure. I decide to change my approach strategy. I’m going to attack his hands and bring down that resistance. I take a hand and feel the cold of it. But I immediately feel that she takes pleasure in feeling the heat of mine and its strength. As I rub the inside of her hand, hers closes gently on mine and ends up holding me firmly. That’s it, I managed what I wanted. I leave on his back and then mass his buttocks. And this time, his whole body is expressing himself. She moans, gesticulates. His hands are looking for mine when they pass nearby. I continue my massage with a special sensuality on her legs and I wet her with excitement.

I then tell him to turn around, then I position myself at the level of his head. I start to massage her breasts and then, I go down gradually to her belly, and always lower towards her sex. The one that resisted a few moments ago now becomes uncontrollable. Unleashed, the young woman grows moaning pleasure more and more noisy, so that we must hear it in the next room. I continue my erotic massage at the level of the legs and have fun creating a rollercoaster effect. I make him up at once his excitement, and down immediately, and I start again suddenly. Associate excitement and frustration provides a crazy effect on women.

My sensual massage is coming to an end and I slow down the pace to make him understand. His naked body is boiling, drops of sweat bead on his face and belly. She gets up smiling and flickering as if she had an orgasm. She wipes the excess oil she has on her body with a towel and puts on her dressing gown. She tries to talk to me but stammers. It’s pretty cute, it makes me smile. She tells me that this is the first time for her, that she loved it and will talk to her friends. I begin to store my things, while the young woman disappears discreetly and returns with the payment in an envelope prepared by her boyfriend. My things being ready, I inform the young woman of my imminent departure, and wish her a very good weekend. I leave Paris and go back home to write this story.