As I have seen, women also need advice to improve themselves about sex. Of my experience and I can tell you that I have it, I saw women fucking in the darkness, putting teeth when they suck, to masturbate a cock with the fingertips as if it was porcelain, to make the starfish, to to make the mute, to to shout for that all the city hears them, to fuck, to do a handjob or to suck in a linear way without any change of rhythm.
To do that for a man, it is the worst of the worst. It is to go to the opposite of the excitement. Thus if you find yourselves in one or several of these situations, here is my advice of Expert to improve you.


To do: To begin, take your cock firmly in your hand. It is necessary to know that the heat of the hand creates a great sensation which makes hard more. Thus the heat will more easily be transmitted if you seize a cock of a complete hand that just with the fingertips. Then and it is necessary to do a movement of go and come with a maximal amplitude of at the very top, towards as low as possible (without hurting the brake by going downward). About speed, we can go there slowly only if the pressure and the amplitude are sufficient. But after, needs to go into high gear. Otherwise it is the boredom then you will not still manage to do ejaculate him by going slowly. To do cum him, it will be necessary to increase the speed.

The top: A good handjob amounts by Pressure, Amplitude and Speed.

Not to do: I too often tend to tell to the girls to put more pressure. To do a handjob with the fingertips, it is as to have a handjob by the wind, needs to forget. Do a handjob just the top of the cock or the bottom it is really bad so we stop this massacre.


To do: It is the heat of your mouth which gives this unequalled sensation thus, as for the handjob, give amplitude to your movement to increase the surface of sensations at your partner. And vary the rhythm. The linear is the boredom. For more details, I invite you to read my special article to learn to do the best blowjob.

The top: Associate blowjob and masturbation at the same time.

Not to do: The cock it is not as Ice Cream , to put teeth it is bad, as to suck just the first 3 centimeters of the cock. To correct absolutely. Either do not brush to itself teeth 5 min before sucking your partner. The menthol of the toothpaste which stays in the mouth burns the cock. I tell you that because this happened to me.


To do: To make the man enjoy in a sexy way. With ejaculation in the mouth. If you want to swallow the sperm, it will add some excitement. Otherwise spit out but always in a sexy or provocating way. And for those who do not make an ejaculation in the mouth you can do it on any part of your body: face, breasts, buttocks… Always end by being exciting. And for those who made an ejaculation on their body, you can also extend the excitement of the man by spreading the sperm over you or by caressing you the sex or the two at the same time. Everything must be exciting of the beginning till the end.

Not to do: For those who make enjoy in the mouth, not put the hand in front of the mouth and run towards the bathroom to spit out the sperm as if we were going to vomit. It is the opposite of the sexy. Do not stop the excitement brutally after the ejaculation.

The top: To do ejaculate in the mouth and swallow by giving a hot and provocative look.


To do: Move, the fuck is an affair of movements, communication and synchronization between bodies. Do with envy and passion. Put forward your body by innovating in hot positions which emphasize well your sex or your buttocks.

The top: At the moment, open your buttocks with your hands during the fuck. It will send a very exciting sign to say that you want it more. Surprise your guy in the heating when he does not expect it. And change environment, the sex does not limit itself to the bedroom. Make in each of the rooms of your flat.

Not to do: Pinch our nipples to stimulate them. We have no breasts but pectoral muscles. Thus I tell it to you at once, you will never stimulate by touching our nipples. At best it makes laugh, in the worst that cuts our excitement. Do her Starfish. It is so much bad that even in the shelf seafoods we do not serve as it. A man again preferred to touching himself give that to have a woman motionless as a statue. Shout as a sick person during romps. If the man thinks of the excessive noise caused to the neighbors, his thought will pass of you to the neighbors and consequently its excitement as its erection risk to go on holidays but without you. As silent as a grave being. That does not excite the silence a lot. Do only one or 2 positions and still the same. And, it is the linear side which does not excite.


To do: Always put enough light for that the man can well see because his excitement is created by the visual and a good visibility of the show.

The top: Put a mirror in your chamber that both admired your romps of a new angle.

Not to do: Prohibition to fuck in the black or in the darkness. The excitement passing by the picture, if we suppress the picture, we removes the excitement. It is as to look at a porn without image. It is worth nothing. And if you put a subdued light, make so that that is not the darkness either. More the man sees, the better it is.


To do: Carry rather a sexy lingerie, a garter belt, etc. And put them only in a occasional way. If you put them all the time that will be the routine and consequently more exciting.

The top: Fuck from time to time dressed or in lingerie. It is more exciting dressed than stark naked.

Not to do: That countered obvious and nevertheless I saw making these errors. Avoid the menstrual period panties, grandmother’s panties or Snoopy panties or still the incomplete sets. Similar for dresses way caricatures of the porn, hot nurse, police or other. Needs to stop that. The Carnival that more makes laugh than something else.


That you do a handjob, suck or fuck, vary the rhythm, give amplitude to your movements. Do express your pleasure by your body language and by the sounds emitted by your mouth. Be sexy and hot of the beginning till the end and in the light. With all this, you left to give a maximum of pleasure.