One evening, I receive a call of a man indicating me that he is the Director of a parlor of naturist massages in Paris and that he wishes to offer an erotic massage to his partner who is she same naturist masseuse. He tells me that he finds my web site very well and that he wants to offer her a very sex and hard massage. I take note information, then we fix a date for a special domination Fifty Shades massage. It is necessary to know that it is not rare that professionals of my sector face call to my services. Often libertin, they appreciate the erotic services.

In brief, the day of the appointment arrive, and I appear at the parlour at the time of its closure for the public. The person in charge of the establishment receives me, then we begin to discuss his wife and her expectations. He says me that this one waits for me already stark naked, the bandaged eyes, in a room at the end of the corridor. We also speak a few moments of our respective businesses and it is very interesting to see the differences between our manners to communicate with the clientele. After this conversation, the man accompanies me in the direction of the massage room. Having never set foot previously in a naturist massage parlor, I take advantage of it to discover places, decoration, and organization.

I go then into a massage room which makes very erotic, very felted, with mirrors, and way boudoir. It is very welcoming even if the decoration adorned me too erotic to my taste. In brief, an attractive blonde with the long hair waits for me lengthened on a big futon, stark naked, on a stomach, and bandaged eyes. Her body also raises small tattoos in positions strategically sexy. Her husband settles down in an armchair in the room and gets ready to look at the erotic show like a candauliste. I indicate to the woman whom I am, prepare my things, activate my music, undress, and it left. The fact of having to make for two professionals gives the impression to me of being observed as during an examination. Then I am going to show in two my reputation of Body Expert with a massage which have never seen, at the same time hot, dominant, and dynamic.

I sit down on the buttocks of our attractive naturist masseuse, and from the outset, I seize the head which I pull wildly behind by hair, and tell her that the massage is going to begin. I coat her body of oil and fire its body with my hands in an ardent and dominant choreography. Her breath accelerates and its groans of pleasures are more and more intense. Then at the certain moment, I remove the headband of the eyes and my look pierces her to show her who dominates her. She(it) shows me that she likes that by sketching a smile on her lips. I continue my Fifty Shades massage by alternating between very hard-hitting slaps on buttocks, and powerful seizures in the throat, in the wrists, or in the ankles. Then, after intense stimulations on her breasts and between her legs, she pushes a long plaintive and orgasmic groan. She is breathless, exhausted, but has a big smile.

As for her husband, he raises too a big smile and countered very satisfied with the show which I offered him. Excellent, it is the result for which I waited on behalf of both. The erotic massage for this libertine couple is happened exactly as I wished it. Impressed enough, the attractive naturist masseuse discusses a few moments with me and asks me full of questions on my activity. I answer he) then on my atypical way while dressing me and by tidying up my stuff. Then this one kisses and fade away to take a shower to remove the oil of her body. The husband congratulates me and shows out me of the establishment.