There are many demands or unusual anecdotes which I told in the section Erotic stories. But there are also those whom I did not tell because individually, they were too short to make it articles. Thus I am going to make for you a summary of the most unusual demands concerning the erotic massage in Paris.


– A woman by e-mail: would it be possible, during the appointment, that you wear a T-shirt which I would have prepared with the photo of a man above?

– Having made an erotic massage to the mistress of my customer, this one asks me by SMS: the next time, I shall make an appointment for my sister and you will tell me by e-mail how it was.

– An American customer a little filled during a naturist massage: I have a fantasy, it is that you piss in my mouth. If you want I can serve you as some water. It is bio.

– A regular customer: for the next session, I want that you rape me, that it is rough. I like when it is rough.

– A regular customer been used by the Fifty Shades massage and SM for his wife asks me by telephone: before the erotic massage, can you walk my wife in my apartment with a leash?

– A customer in the bar of the hotel, which commands the formula most hard for his wife, asks me paradoxically this: it is the birthday of my wife. I shall like that for the event, you rise in her room with a bouquet of red roses.

– A man by e-mail: could you shave yourselves the beard for the erotic massage? My wife prefers the beardless men.

– A man asked me by telephone: I shall like that you come to our place of residence to make an erotic massage to my wife. Does the presence of our children disturb you to make an erotic massage?
Vincent: I confirm, it disturbs me, I do not make erotic services if there is child’s presence.
The man: you know, my children are 19 years old and they are used to seeing their mother with other men at the house.

– A woman by e-mail: I discovered your web site. I do not find you sexy then I shall not make an appointment. I feel a big emotional lack at with you. I hope that you will find love one day.

– A customer by telephone: when you will be in the hotel, knock at the door of the room, I shall open you, and you will say that it is the room service then you will warm my wife.

– A customer by the telephone: with my wife, we are used to making erotic games. And we invented an imaginary erotic character who is called Patrick. For the opportunity, could you be Patrick called during the session?

For information, I refused all these demands because they are either pointless, or useless to excite a woman, or against my moral principles.


In the worse category bad comedians, I put back the Oscar to the homosexuals. They always use the same modus operandi. They are been thought of as heterosexuals by telephone or by e-mail by pleading to want to make an appointment for his wife and ask me photos of me nakedly or the measurements of my cock, just because it would be his wife who would ask for it. It is a way for them to fantasize and to give a fuck.

– The gay man by e-mail: yes my wife and I would be interested to book an appointment for an erotic massage for her but she asks me at first that you send her the picture of your sex.

– The gay man by SMS: before confirming an appointment my wife asks me for the size of your cock.

Messages like that, I have one of it every month. It is simple, all those who ask me for naked photos or the size of my cock never confirm the appointments, for his wife which do not have, after I refused politely their request. And all the real men who do not ask me either for photo, or for measurements, confirm their appointment for his wife. As for the women who book an appointment with me, they never ask for this information, because they don’t give a damn of the shape of my cock.


Well this e-mail has nothing to do with the erotic massages but as it is funny, I share it to you all the same. A young woman answered my porn casting and sent me her candidacy to work as porn actress by my side. Here is her e-mail.


Me it is XXXXXXX, 25 years, 1m80, 55kg. I have already turned in amateur full-length films: “Arab to khel”, “Ooh nooo it is too much”, “The cock Montparnasse infernal” and “sharp Cock”. I am not afraid of big machines, I know how to adapt myself to all the situations and I adore meeting new challenges. Very sports, I maintain my cardio in a daily way. I recently was cleared the anus and I am ready to come to light and to spread me in the world of the sex. I have a tattoo in the shape of phallus on the pubis and I have the leaky nipples. My currency: “I crunch life with height teeth, but what I prefer it is your gland”. My philosophy of life: “Fuck me baby”.

P.S.: Even if you do not select me, you can send me an e-mail to warn of your refusal!



I do not know if this e-mail is a fake or not, but I regret to announce to my listeners that her motto full of energy, her candidacy was not held.