For many men, orgasm in women is a mystery. Some men do not know how to get it at all, others do it with one woman and can not do it with another, others provide orgasms without understanding why, and so on. So I’ll explain everything so orgasm in women has no secrets for you.


For starters, there are 2 categories of women who have orgasms: those with whom it is visible, and those with whom it is invisible.
– In women where orgasm is visible, you will find factors similar to men such as contractions of the body, a final groan of pleasure, and a stop intercourse.
– As for women where orgasm is invisible, there is no visual, sound, or other sign that can inform the man that his partner had an orgasm, or when. The orgasms of this category of women are without body contractions, without particular orgasmic moaning, and they allow them to continue to fuck without interruption. I call it the ghost orgasm. For men who know they are fucking with these women with invisible orgasms and want to know when they will enjoy, the only way is to ask them in advance to say when they will enjoy.


Women can have 3 types of orgasms: clitoral, vaginal, and anal. Most women can only enjoy one way either because they do not know their bodies or because their partners are not performing well enough. Rare are those who know how to enjoy in many different ways.

Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral orgasm is the most common because it requires few techniques to men to procure it. Proper stimulation with the fingers or tongue can easily provide clitoral orgasms. In addition, women are more receptive because many have learned to reach orgasm by masturbating the clitoris.
However, we also find women who do not experience clitoral orgasm because they have not developed their feelings following an insufficient or no masturbation frequency, but also because of inexperienced partners.

Vaginal orgasm

The vaginal orgasm affects far fewer women than the clitoral. Many women find it difficult to reach with a man, and some have never reached it. It is not a question of lack of receptivity, but a performance problem of the partner.
Here again, many men do not know the systems of angles of penetration, nor the speed adequate to provide a vaginal orgasm.

Anal orgasm

Anal orgasm is more minority because women are reluctant to practice sodomy with men inexperienced in the matter. Nevertheless, those who practice sodomy are very numerous to reach it, and find the anal orgasm more powerful than the vaginal or clitoral. Among these women, some even give up vaginal penetration to do more than anal.
However, it is a technical mistake to speak exclusively of anal orgasm because it is provided by simultaneous anal and vaginal stimulation. During sodomy, the cock will create both a friction on the anal walls and pressures on the vaginal walls that juxtapose. Orgasm through sodomy is actually the result of double stimulation, and it is actually why women who reach it find it more powerful than others.


The ease or difficulty of a woman reaching orgasm will depend on the anatomical knowledge and performance level of her partner as indicated above, but also the morphology of the woman.
It should be known that each woman has a different morphology according to her age, her origins, her corpulence, if she already had a child or not, etc. Each of these criteria will make a woman have a different pelvic tilt, depth and width, which will change the locations of the areas to stimulate and the ways to stimulate them. Men who want to master the female orgasm must necessarily adapt their techniques and their angles of stimulation in relation to the anatomical differences of their partner.


You already all heard about premature ejaculators at the men. But did you know that certain women could have also premature orgasms? And well it is the case. And I shall call these premature women. I thus realized that there were premature women when I met several women who had an orgasm within 2 minutes, without we are still begun to fuck, just by stimulating barely with fingers. Their reaction was so disproportionate, compared with the intensity of the stimulation which I made, which that left me inquiring. Until I understand that these women had, exactly as certain men, a physical hyper sensibility and an impossibility to control their body. The only difference between men and women, it is because the precocity affect approximately 40 % of men, against 1 % of women.


Orgasme femmeThen, among these women, there are also those whom we call the multi-orgasmic. It is women who have orgasm to orgasm.

Then the men can say themselves it is fantastic to get so much pleasure. But once again, everything depends if she controls it or not. When you have to make for a woman who is hypersensitive, who does not manage to control her body, and who is obliged to break off every 2 minutes in each orgasm, that breaks enormously the rhythm and the pleasure for the man. In fact these men meet exactly the same problem as the women who fuck with men premature ejaculators. The latter have the capacity to begin again several times of sharpened, but by being obliged to make a multitude of breaks between every resumption.


You should know that some women can not reach orgasm and the causes of this blockage can be multiple.

Lack of human performance

The first cause that a woman can not have an orgasm is the lack of performance of the male partner. When men do not know enough to excite a woman, do not control the cunni, are not sufficiently enduring, do not master the angles of penetration, etc, inevitably the pleasure of the woman does not reach its paroxysm and its orgasm does not come not.

Trauma associated with sexual assault

econdly, we must take into account women who have suffered trauma following sexual assault. There are many women who have suffered rape, attempted rape, touching, incest, pedophilia, etc. And these women no longer have the same relationship to the pleasure of sex as other women who have never experienced these situations. In women who have been sexually assaulted, there may be a psychological blockage that requires skill and time to regain pleasure.

Lack of experience and partners

Among the women who have never had an orgasm, there are also those who have had very few partners and who have therefore acquired very little, see no experience.
The men who know how to give orgasms to women being very rare, the less a woman has met partners, the less likely she was to discover orgasm.
And conversely, women who have had many partners are more likely to experience orgasm because they have had more opportunities to meet successful men.

Among these inexperienced women who are late discovering the pleasures of sex, there are also women who have never masturbated, and have never developed their feelings to go to orgasm. And my experience has shown me that these cases are far from rare.

Food too fat or too sweet

Another category is that of women whose nerve endings have been altered by an excessive industrial diet leading to a decrease in their sensations and preventing them from reaching orgasm.
It is found that overweight women who eat too fat have less sensations than thin women. Fatty foods promote the development of the fat mass inside the cat, which has the effect of reducing or eliminating all sensations.

A loss of sensation is also present in some women with diabetes linked to overconsumption of sugar. Too much intake of sugary products causes hormonal imbalance in women who reduce their libido. The excitement is diminished, it is then very difficult or impossible for some to feel a sexual desire, to feel pleasure, or to reach orgasm.


Make cum a woman is relatively easy if you master one or more of the following skills: fingering and cunnilingus techniques, penetration angles, sodomy, and Alpha mode. With that, any man can give an orgasm to any woman.
To learn these techniques, I invite you to get my technical book about sex “The Art of Fucking”.


You now know all the fundamental principles that concern orgasm. You know there are 2 categories of women with their visible and invisible orgasms, 3 orgasms such as clitoral, vaginal, and anal, different body morphologies, early women, multi-orgasmic women, and others with different morphologies. And finally, you also know why some women have difficulty in having an orgasm, or do not have one. In short, you are now unbeatable on orgasm.