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Reserve an erotic massage in Cannes

Discover a whole selection of naturist massages reserved for women. Know that for the couples, the spouse can see or participate in the session if he wishes. I invite you to consult my couple massage formulae. Although I am situated in the Paris region, know that I also move in Cannes. To take an appointment and know terms of payment, thank you to contact me either by telephone, or by e-mail. Now, i whish a good erotic story.

The story of an erotic massage in Cannes very hot

That arrives that we call me from the coast of azure to ask me if I can come down for an erotic massage at Cannes. I am thus going to tell you the story of this new couple which the man contacted me this summer and paid the plane ticket to i come in his hotel to do an erotic massage to his wife. He specifies me that he wants to offer her a Rocco massage and that he wants to be present but only to look.

Modalities and payment being beforehand adjusted, I confirm the appointment for the erotic massage at the hotel and it left. A few days later, I go to the Orly airport and once arrived at the airport of Nice, I take a taxi which drives me to the address indicated in Cannes. It is near 14 hours and I discover a beautiful luxurious hotel. I appear at the reception and tell to the man that I am waited by Mr and Mrs X in the room n°604. This one calls my couple of customers then answers me that I can rise. I smile because the man does not suspect who he has in front of him.

I rise to the room then knock in the door of my couple. A Sir opens me and I present at him. He presents me then a very beautiful woman, glamorous of whom her dress seems to be made custom. Her elegance is remarkable. This session of erotic massage in Cannes seems to me good to begin. I discuss with the couple a few moments which is pleasantly surprised having discovered my web site. After this small introduction, I prepare my affairs to begin my Rocco naturist massage. I remind to the woman of whom consists the Rocco massage and it left. They did me come to I do them a demonstration of my talents, so I am going to give them the maximum. I am so much going to do tremble the room 604 that even the most distant seismograph is going to feel the shocks.

In Rocco, there is nothing sensual, it is that of the bestial, the savage. Then I approach the young woman and order her to put back to me, hands against the wall. I push the back of one hand and pull her pond of other one to do bend her in half doggy style then I shoot her a slap on her buttocks which her dress moldes at the perfection. I raise the bottom of her dress and go down her string with energy at bottom of her ankles. I stick my pond to her buttocks and she already begins to move them by rubbing itself at the most against me. I deprive her high heels. I remove her dress which I throw to the ground and I undress me also. In front of me, I stick her to me, raise her a leg and I lift her by buttocks where she makes it cross her two legs around my size then I take her like that up to the bed.

As for the continuation, only persons having take an appointment with me know it. At the end, the husband congratulated me on my performance. He says me with a great smile that it was extraordinary. Excited, it looks like he saw the victory of his favorite sports team. As for the woman, she is still breathless on the bed, emptied of any energy. You think that my session of erotic massage at Cannes comes to an end? No, no, no. It was only the first part because the sir had asked me during the appointment setting to return at the beginning of the evening for a second session. Then between both, I took advantage to visit a little more the city of Cannes. And when the hour of the second appointment came, I took out new assets which I had kept carefully in reserve. That’s it a professional. My session of erotic massage for couple ending, I leave my young woman again at the edge of the dehydration as well as this magnificent hotel of Cannes to find my attractive Parisian customers who wait for me impatiently.

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