Erotic massage for couple

The erotic massage for couple is a hot adventure, on Paris and the IDF, for the spouses who wish to offer an erotic massage to their wife. Those who appeal to me are young lovers, legitimate and illegitimate couples, candaulistes, loose ones. All these people contact me because they know that here, they will find the touch of excitement that they wait. Although only the woman is massed, my role is to satisfy the couple by bringing to the massed of the hot and orgasmic sensations and by making fantasize the spouse by various formulas allowing him to choose its level of participation in the erotic session.


Erotic massage couple

Discover now my 3 formulas of massage for couple which will undoubtedly make you fantasize. Choose the formula couple of your choice, Candauliste, Actor or Private and associate it with the Massage Rocco, Fifty Shades, Kama, xXx or the Sensual. Price for couples formulas are the same that those indicated next to my erotic massages.

The Candaulist formula:
The spouse is present and is only looking

Be present to the session with this formula of erotic massage for couple. It is completed for the followers of the candaulism who like fantasizing to watch their wife taking some pleasure under the hands of another man. The candaulist massage offers you the best view to observe the body of your lover waving of pleasure and seeing the expressions of the face changing at the rate of my movements. I am going to create sensations so intense in her that you will discover at her unsuspected reactions of pleasure. This formula of erotic massage in Paris for candaulist couple is a show very sex which is going to realize your fantasies beyond your expectations. Sirs candaulistes, I am going to offer you a show erotic as you have never seen it.

The Actor formula:
The spouse is present and participates

Participate during the session when you want for, you too, to give some pleasure to your wife. This formula, very appreciated by the couples used sex clubs, allows to realize all your fantasies. You will be as close as possible to contemplate the pleasure of your spouses and will contemplate her body burst out with another man then you. 2 men, 1 woman, nothing better to make rise the excitement and exceed your limits.

The Private formula:
The spouse is not present

You grant to your partner a moment strictly private with her Erotic masseur.


Regularly, during my travels in clientele on Paris, I see spouses making errors in their communication to offer an erotic massage to their wife. Thus here are my advice, to facilitate your way of offering to her.

To begin, if you speak to her about your initiative to offer her a massage as erotic present, do not choose the massage instead of her by thinking that she would find the others too hot. You could be pleasantly surprised by her choice.

Do not offer her a naturist massage without talking her by fear which she refuses. This through in force is a very big strategic error. They do not like be in front of the fact because they do not know how to react on the spot face to face of their spouse. Thus speak to her about your project and you will increase all your chances that your friend accepts an erotic massage. It is the experience which speaks. Several times, I arrived at the place of residence of the couple and this one did not know neither whom I was, nor why I was there. And obviously, she did not have time to get ready psychologically for the continuation. The same reaction at her follows itself then always. ” Do I make my shy person in front of my friend or not? Of what is he going to think of me? ” And generally, in this situation, we have to make for a psychological blocking to this one with an effect of excitement close to the Zero. And for an erotic massage, it is not really the effect wanted.

If you are in the optics to do an erotic surprise to your darling, tell her that you offer her an erotic present with a professional. She will not know what that is exactly but will know all the same in what expect and will be more opened to accept an erotic massage. However, if the latter is used to the erotic presents or to the Sex Clubs, you can make her the total surprise. She will undoubtedly be opened to this type of surprise.

Then, if you choose the softest massage, it is not necessary to brief me on what your partner or you would like that I do during the erotic massage. I am here to make discover her pleasures which she does not know and not those of whom she is used.Copyright