When you go in a party and you say that you are a porn actor


Every time I am invited to a party, to a birthday or other one, people wonder mutually which job they do. And believe me that when it’s my turn, reactions are different that if I had said that I worked in an office. Well to begin, the first reaction is the incredulity. When I say that I work in the porn and the eroticism, people think that I joke and that it is one joke so it is exceptional and outstanding. Then they tell me to stop joking and insist by asking me for my real job. Then I take out them my mobile phone where I show my web site with my photos pro with various girls. And it is at this moment there that it becomes fun.


At first, they take out their journalistic outfit and begin to do me an interview on my job to realize that it is true. And when they realize it, the eyes shine brilliantly as if their wishes to meet a porn actor had fulfillled and I see them beginning to wiggle and to cast anchor in front of me. They make me so many signs so that I embark them that even a not clairvoyant would see them. Then necessarily, when they knew only amateurs and when they have opposite a professional of the sex, it is the jackpot for them. They want to add this experience to their CV. As for myself, that avoids me wasting time to pick up. That shortens the time to arrive at their room, at an elevator, at a corridor of staircase or no matter the place. Having said that I am a porn actor, the waiting time does not count more than in a few minutes, just the time to leave places. Say that we are porn actor, it is little as to say ” Sesame, opens you “. For lack of opening doors, that opens many legs.


Guys have a feeling of admiration. They see me like a superstar because my job represents a fantasy for men. Take care of beautiful naked women every day. Many ask me full questions to know how to begin porn actor. But when I tell them then that it is necessary to assume by showing his face on Internet, they are very fast cooled. But it does not prevent them from dreaming in front of my job and from asking for me to tell them spicy stories. Then I tell them some anecdotes which are going to shock them all evening long. When people know what I’m doing, it is simple, I become very fast the main subject of their conversations. Men will also tend to ask me advice about sex or seduction. They appreciate the fact of having a pro of sex which gives to them good advice and quietly. So I give them some advice then I say them to go to consult also my web site where I give more advice.

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