A very sex bachelorette party

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille

A young woman calls me to book an appointment and offer to a friend who gets married an erotic present for its bachelorette party. Due to my experience, I know for this kind of event or for birthdays, it is better to plan wide level time and to block the complete evening. What confirmed me the young woman by the telephone by specifying me that there will be certainly other girls who would like be massed during the evening. I thus confirm her that everything is OK.

It is Saturday night and the hour of erotic massage at home from this group of girls is coming. I present me in Paris at the indicated address and as usual, I am great well welcomed. About ten girls look forward to me even and are already overexcited. And for once, I am not responsible for it, I have just arrived and I again made nothing. In brief, we make a sign to me that the bride knows that it is an erotic present but that she does not know the precise nature of the present. Thus with her friends, we tease her a little and puts her on wrong tracks quite so ardent the some that the others. We want to put her the pressure a max. A girl next to me tells me that the future bride has an vibrating egg in the pussy and that her friends spend the remote control to activate it at a distance when they want. It is not the first time when I see that during bachelorette parties. And naturally, they make me a demonstration. Then I see the bride up with her friends wrinkling immediately and hanging on to what she can, while giving small cries and by asking to the girls to stop. Ha the girls!

Well it is not everything but arrives my tour and now we are going to turn to serious matters. The vibrating egg it is nice, the small erotic games between friends also but now I am going to raise the level. I see with the organizer to prepare my affairs in a bedroom and install all that it is necessary. Once quite prepared, I visit the bride and indicate her following me. All her friends follow her and want to see her reaction when I am going to announce her that I am going to do her an naturist massage. I tell her then whom I am and why I am there and she begins blushing while laughing. Her friends laugh, shout and wish her full of pleasure with me. That it is necessary to take advantage because that would be certainly the last time when another man than his gives her some pleasure. I end all this euphoria and close the door of the bedroom to begin its erotic session is only between her and me. And as it is a particular day for her, I am going to make for her the total, the erotic massage most sex whether it is. Nothing of sensual, only of bestial, of spectacular, of unforgettable. I remove her inhibition at the end of 5 minutes. And in the 6th minute, I make her wet of excitement and not that a little. I want that all her friends hear that she takes pleasure so I excite her completely as never we excited her previously.

At the end, I go out of the bedroom cCompletely naked and I go to the living room to find her friends to say them that the erotic massage is ended. That’s it a bachelorette party, it also is to cause these young women. Shocked and pleasantly surprised seeing me arrived naked, they answer to me that seen the shouts, they had understood that the future bride had much appreciated her erotic present. The interested, quite ruffled and the exhausted air, arrives exactly and all the girls start again shouting with one voice and put her ten thousand questions. I let them make their interrogation and another girl ask who is the next one. An other one asks me if I am still then on form I answer that I am always on form. This is when one of the girls teases me and says that she is even hotter than me. Then I ask if she is good on of that? And that to prove her to me she had to accept a challenge and she asks me which one. I answer to her that if she is as hot as that, she will see no inconvenience I make her erotic massage in front of all her friends. And there, she saw that I had put a little bit high bar for her. As for her friends, they were ultra motivated to see that and urge her to make him. All her friends put her the pressure and she acceptes. I fix then one rule. Nobody films, or takes photo. Everybody accepts.

Then, I tell to the girl to approach of me and say her that I am going to undress her. While I undress her, her friends always put her the pressure and it does not too much dare to move anymore. Gradually, she resuscitates and begins to move. But it is me who lead the dance then I stick her to the wall, resume the total control and undress her completely. It is just the preliminary, she knows now that there is a level difference between her and me. I am not going to pull out the big game as for the bride because I want that the bride feels that she had a privilege that the others will not have the same this evening. In brief, I warm to death the young woman and I make her wet in front of all her friends. I want to kink her and I want that she asks me to fuck her in front of all her friends. At the woman, when her level of excitement is enough raised, her excitement becomes uncontrollable then later it is easy to pass in the superior stage. And it is what occurred a few minutes later. Rubbing itself against me and showing that she not in little more, her me said “I don’t care that everybody looks now, fuck me”. I answer her “I am going to fuck you but another day. For you, that stops now”. I heard collective Nooo then one “Fuck her, fuck her, we want of sex …”. Ha the girls. Once thrown, difficult to stop them. I pulled the rug from under the feet to everybody by letting smooth the mystery. Thus and, I ended the evening with a 3rd guest with whom I made an erotic massage in private.

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