A customer under cocaine during a naturist massage

Massage sexe et cocaïne Paris

We often hear it on the TV, the drug it is bad. I laugh about it still so much it was funny. It is an erotic story of the most true, I assure you. It is a new swinger couple of customers who calls me for a naturist massage in a chic area of Paris. I go instead of the appointment that very evening and appear with a couple of about fifty years. The flat is immense and very smart too. The couple shows me the direction of their bedroom so that I prepare it my affairs. The woman goes away 5 min to get a drink and the man explains me in private conversation that it has been several days since they don’t stop to fuck and since they spend sleepless nights to do only that. He explains me that it is also beacause his wife consumes a lot of cocaine lately. Not having to involve me of their private life, I smile and answer him a commonness. The woman returns and adorned me to have at first sight an attitude completely normal. But if I tell you this story, it is because things are very fast going to evolve.

I thus begin to make my naturist massage. The woman and I are on the bed and the husband sits in an armchair in a corner of the room and fantasy to look at the scene. Then at the end of 20 minutes, the woman start a long conversation with her husband, as if I was not any more there. And they tell another time when they received a couple of friends to have dinner. The woman pays no more attention on my naturist massage and becomes completely absorbed by her conversation on this couple of friends. Already that, it was the first time when that arrived at me.

Then, she interrupts the massage to return to have a drink quite by proposing me one also. Then she asks me if I know a vibrator called Magic Wand. I answer her that not and shocked she answers me: ” you do not know it? Darling, he does not know the Magic Wand! ” A long monologue on all the advantages of this vibrator and its technical aspects followed itself. She speaks fast and does not stop one second. Time goes by then I abbreviate subtly the conversation to return to the massage there. We return to the bedroom for the last part. And she tells me: “Wait, I am going to take it and to show it to you. I can have 30 orgasms in 1 hour with that“. And she leaves naked in her flat apartment to look its legendary vibro. She returns a few seconds later with a gigantic vibro. The thing is a war machine. That had to make approximately 30 or 40 cm long. In brief, I was entitled to an attractive demonstration on the bed. Legs open with its vibro, it was spirit to take off completely.

Suddenly, she stops and take the small photo put on its night table then switch on its vibro. Of one hand she shows me the photo and of the other one she uses her vibrator legs opened while explaining to me that they are her daughters on the photo. Then, she begins wondering if my erotic massages could interest her daughters and if she could maybe present them to me. There in my head, I laugh too much and measure all the immoderation of the cocaine.

Time goes by and my naturist massage comes to an end. By taking back my affairs, I say to myself that I shall have a good story to be told.

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