Erotic stories on the Internet and in books far from the reality

femme sexy lisant un livre érotique

As I write a lot of erotic stories of my appointments or of my adventures, I was interested in the specialized sites which present erotic stories. We find fictions and fictions again. And even those presented as real do not seem to me credible given my big personal experience. In brief, the way of telling is honeyed and ridiculous.


When it is a man who writes: we exchange light caresses, I travel her intimacy of my fingers, the naughty allusions multiplied, her lace panties hid her intimacy, I stimulated her buttercup… Here we are, that erotic stories written by virgin poets. Or then, we have the porn style of the 80s. I put my seed in her mouth, bla bla bla.

When it is the woman who writes: his penis clocked towards heavens in its biggest virility. I caressed delicately my clitoris which swelled slowly. Go, I save you the continuation so it is also ridiculous.


Well, it is simple, the authors man or woman speak of ass but have no experience of it or then little. It is what them been lacking and it feels the effects at once in the description of their stories. How to write a good erotic story then? It is necessary to live it really. It is necessary to pick up and to fuck by hundreds and more. We can’t describe correctly that if we know perfectly all which touches the sex. Be made a real experience and write it then. It is the best advice which I can give to these authors.


As many girls read it everywhere and spoke to me about it, necessarily I borrowed the book to one of them and I read it in diagonal. What was the story of the prince charming with his beautiful and poor handmaid was transformed into a modern story with a rich businessman and a beautiful poor student but with ass. They transformed Cinderella’s story sex and hard.

Its success is more with regard to its writing style and to the domination of the man on the woman. We are far from pictures of buttercup to speak about clitoris. We are more in the reality, the concrete and when that has to be hard it is not the poet who speaks but rather Rocco. I am going to fuck you, I am going to hurt you, I going to fist you, I am going to punish you, bla bla bla.

And still, I can tell you that even by reading the book, for somebody who has some experience as I, that remains only of the pure fiction and we are far from the reality. A thing which I can tell you, it is that I prepare a book at present which contains only true stories. And strangely, they look like not at all the fictions which I was able to read. And to end with 50 shades of Grey, I invite you to look at the video of my massage Fifty Shades.

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