Who is your Masseur? I don’t know, I have never seen him

Massage érotique dont la femme a les yeux bandés

This erotic story is true and is one of those I prefer. All my customers know me very well and have all seen at least my face if not more. But there is one woman who has never seen my face.

This is a man who called me to offer a naturist massage to his wife. We set the appointment by phone and comes just days after the day of massage. I move in Paris for the naturist massage at home from couple then ringing at intercom where the man anwsers me and opens me. I climb the floors , knocks on the door and the man invites me to enter.

In the entrance, the man explained that his wife is already waiting for me naked on the bed and he bandaged her eyes to fantasize her of being touched by a stranger. The man accompanied me to the bedroom of his wife and leaves. I prepare my things and put me naked and then joined the woman on the bed I introduce myself briefly and starts doing her my famous naturist massage Kama. I excite her well during the massage and see she gets off exactly the way I want. The naturist massage is nearing its end and I do her understand whispering a few words in your ear.

I left the bed to get dressed and the woman stays on, lounging and caress while keeping blindfolded. I gathered my things and seeing that she does not remove her blindfold, I told her that I will go away and leaves the bedroom to wish her a good evening. The husband accompanies me back to the entrance while wondering if she loved her naturist massage and I do understand him that she has more than loved. This is when I leave the flat having do a naturist massage to a woman who absolutely will not see who excited her. I did new naturist massages to this woman and at no time she saw my face.

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