A birthday, friends and a naturist Masseur

Anniversaire Massage Erotique

It is the erotic story of a young woman who contacts me to offer with her friends a Naturist Massage for the birthday of their friend Ingrid. The day came, I present me at the address and I see a small group of girls which waits in front of the entrance of the building. The organizer comes to see me, presents me to her friends then briefs me on the situation. She explains me that it is the surprise and that her friend just knows that this year there will be a rather erotic present but that she does not know about what it is. I smile by thinking of the Naturist Massage which waits for her.

We rise to the floor where takes place the birthday and the young woman opens us. She gives a kiss to the small group of girls and arrives my tour where she tells me quite euphoric ” Hello, I am Ingrid! ” And I answer her ” Hello Ingrid, I am your birthday present “. Intrigued, she says me always smiling ” Ohhhh but enter then!

We go to the lounge where the girls take out of their bags bottles and bottles of alcohol and the lounge is transformed into bar. I also perceive some home-made cakes which look me very tasty. When I see them, I have the impression that they call me. In brief, the organizer tells me that another two girls are missing and that we wait for them to offer presents. No problem, by waiting for them we begin to attack the buffet and to laugh a little. Both last ones latecomers arrive with hardly 20 minutes of delay and now everybody is present.

Each of the guests offer their present. We discover it an erotic book on the kamasutra, very attractive dessert plates, a lollipop in the shape of cock, a very glamorous black dress, a photo portrait in a frame where we see Ingrid and a guest spirit there to make a face and other knickknacks still. One of the guests says then ” Watch out, we kept the best for the end to you. We offered you the 1 h of erotic massage with a Naturist Masseur “. And, Ingrid begins smiling and blushing completely and everybody begins laughing by seeing her. The girls have fun and add it even more by telling her extravagant and very naughty things which I could do her. I opt for the extravagance in my tour to intimidate her even more then invite her to join the bedroom where meanwhile I had prepared for it my affairs of massage.

I close the door of the bedroom to cut us besides guests and we hear through the door the girls to laugh and to say Not too many stupid things with the Masseur Naturist eh? He jump not above at once. Wait at least 5 minutes, etc… What is on good terms with a Birthday or with a Bachelorette party, it is that it always has of the atmosphere. I explain to her of what consists the Naturist Massage Kama and says her that she can now put himself completely naked and stretch out on towels installed on the bed. She puts itself quickly stark naked and stretches out on the bed. I undress in my tour and position at the level of the buttocks.

I begin a very sex naturist massage and at the end of 5 minutes, I feel her relaxing completely and beginning to move her body under the pleasure which my hands get her. I doe her change repeatedly position as if I took her and do her rise her excitement every time. At the moment we hear the door to half-open slightly and we perceive several pairs of eyes with enormous smiles looking at us. Ingrid launches then one ” The door girls! ” And these close it immediately. A girl answers her by laughing ” We heard strange groans then we wanted to make sure that everything was well for the Masseur “. Ingrid answers her then ” Normal that I make noise with a massage like this “.

I continue my naturist massage then once ended, I indicate her that there is another last surprise, that of the erotic shower. We go out of the bedroom, and provide with a simple towel to dress us, we go to the bathroom. I take back my erotic massage under a very hot water. She sticks to me then raises a leg which she puts on the edge of the bathtub to feel better my hard sex against her. It is really hot. Long minutes pass by and we go out of the room of bath completely dressed this time. Hardly taken out, she is assailed by her friends to ask her how it was. And while laughing, Ingrid their answers ” You do not realize but there I am too much hot, I can’t stand it anymore! “

I put down business cards on the coffee table in the lounge and each hurries to take one and to make their own comment above. I hear then “Vincent Body Expert, the expert of the body hummm”, “24h/24 a day? We can call you at any time then? That interests me that“. In my tour, they ask me full of questions and I enjoy making smooth certain ambiguities.

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