A chaste model according to the room where she is

Mannequin en levrette pendant son massage érotique

A man calls me to offer an erotic massage to his wife. He explains to me by telephone that he and his wife have a big difference age, that he has loan of 80 years and his wife 25 and that he wishes to make a surprise to this one. I say him while it’s better to inform her of his approach to make sure that the idea pleases her. He says me that she already knows and that everything is good. Thus we arrange an appointment.

I arrive in the evening, always in a chic area of Paris, at my appointment. The man welcomes me very kindly and me made cross his big flat to go to the bedchamber where waits for me his wife. His flat must do a complete floor. By crossing this one, I perceive on the walls of corridors and the other rooms, full of photos in black and white of a naked model of charm in very lascivious and suggestive positions. I find that rather amazing well, the art escapes me a lot. I arrive finally in the bedchamber accompanied from the man and he presents me to his young wife in dressing gown. And by looking at her, I notice that it is the model whom we see on all the photos of the flat. We present us few minutes and while discussing, I smile by looking at her in front of me and by looking behind her where another photo of her very erotic was exposed on the wall.

I explain to her that we are going to pass at Sensual massage and she says me that she does not want to put herself nude for the erotic massage, that she is chaste. I explain to her that it is difficult to do an erotic massage by being dressed but she does not have a change of mind. Thus she settled down on my table of massage in underwear. However, her underwear was so small and transparent, as she would have been naked we would not have seen the difference. I begin then my Sensual Massage and she appreciates it apparently very well as her husband who observes her with a naughty smile.

My erotic massage at home comes to its end and the top model leaves the bedroom by hiding her body with a bath towel which she serves hardly against her to show that she does not want to be seen almost naked. I tidy up my equipment while discussing with the satisfied husband then ask him where is the bathroom to wash my hands and remove the rest of oil. He indicates me the direction. The bathroom has the wide open door and I hear the noise of the water flow. I begin to go into the room and see the naked young woman taking a shower. She looks at me and says me uninhibitedly and by smiling to enter. Be naked in front of me in her bedroom that gene her, but be naked in front of me in the bathroom no problem. I wash myself then hands while smiling and leave by greeting her. Top models, it is sometimes as art, we must not look for to understand.

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