My first naturist massage with a deaf and dumb person

Massage érotique sourde et muette

It is the most silent erotic story which I lived. I receive a text of a new customer who announces me that she is deaf and dumb and who wishes to make an appointment for a naturist massage with me. She tells me, naturally, to communicate with her only by seen SMS which she does not hear. We take an appointment and I move the next day for her erotic massage at home in Paris.

Once there at her home, she is a woman rather small and very shy who receives me. Although she does not hear me, I appear all the same to be polite but it is rather strange for me because usually I speak to get acquainted and there I am confronted with a vocal barrier. Although she does not hear me, she makes me understand that she knows how to read on lips if I speak slowly. Thus I write on a small paper that I had prepared to communicate with her then inform her that I am going to prepare my affairs and that I have it hardly for a few minutes. On the paper, she indicates me that it is the first time when she makes that. I ask her then which massage she wishes to choose among those whom I propose and she answers me that she does not know. She is done too much hampered to say me that she wants the most erotic. I know it because it is always like that with the shy persons. Then she begins her first massage with the Sensual Massage. I also notice that she has difficulty looking at me in eyes. In brief, a thing which also changes, it is that this time, I do not put music. And everything countered so quiet, is almost disturbing there. My preparations end and I make a sign to the woman to sit down on the bed. I thus expect to do a session a naturist massage the most silent which I have never do.

I thus begin my massage back to her and I begin to mass her sensually the back, by coming down towards buttocks then by going back up by arms then nape of the neck but no reaction. Her shyness congeals her like a statue, her face is closed, her lips are pinched and at no time I see her opening eyes to look in the mirror. It is not really the reaction for which I waited even for the beginning of massage. These first ten minutes of absolute vacuum are not only disastrous but also appear to me an eternity and I say to myself that I cannot stay any more in this situation. This deaf and dumb person gives a headache to me. I am going to turn to serious matters thus directly. Always back to her, I cross my arms under her and take firmly her breasts. I begin to have a small reaction from her but tiny compared with what I wait. Then I risk everything and go down directly my hand between her thighs and, my statue is immediately transformed. While keeping blindly, she nibbles her lips, tip over the head behind, sways hips on the bed. I understand while I am going to have to concentrate only on certain zones to maintain her in this state of excitement.

Then after a certain lapse of time, I decide to improvise and to modify completely my naturist massage. I am going to do her get up and mass her up. Up yes, but not no matter how. I take her hands by doing a sign to her to get up and push back her towards the wall behind her. Once arrived near the wall, I return her so that she is in front of this one, guide her arms so that she support above, tilts the back in a way that she is slightly bent and I rubs my pond against the buttocks as if I penetrated her in doggy-style. Apparently, that pleases her. I start again doing slide the hands on her whole body and although mute, her mouth emits small noises rather treble of pleasure. Surprising but I like that. At the end of the naturist massage, I slow down the rhythm. I feel her legs flogging under the pleasure got by the passage of my but for very precise places of her body.

The Sensual massage stops and this time, she looks at me. She smiles then cannot refrain from laughing and by doing a long sigh to make me understand that she was very hot. Without exchanging of words, we understand. I take back my paper and write her some sentences by doing some compliments her which give her to smile. She returns me the compliment and smile again shyly. I take back then my affairs then leave.

The next day, I receive a SMS from her telling me that she had never felt so much excitement in her previously and that I had woken her libido. She asks me if she can communicate my phone number to a friend who is she also deaf person and dumb. I answer her that it is completely possible. This is when I received in the other SMS, a few days later, from her friend to have the same massage.

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