A husband lights up the pussy of his wife with a flashlight

It is the erotic story of a couple which the husband wants to offer a naturist massage to his wife. The husband explains me that he is a candauliste man, that he would like to look at the session but without participating and that he is very a voyeur. He indicates me that he reserved a hotel room on Paris and we confirm the appointment for midnight.

The day of appoitment came and I move in Paris for the erotic massage in a hotel thaht i also know very well. The customer comes to find me at the reception and during we take the elevator, he explains me that he wants the softest massage for his wife and that if she is susceptible we can leave on a hotter massage. In my head, it is easy for me. For the moment everything is classic, we go to the hotel bedroom. I discover a charming fair-haired woman waits for me lengthened on the bed, dressed in a half-opened bathrobe which lets perceive a set of fine lingerie completely white. All the women that I saw this day there one put by stockings today and it is not to displease me. The husband specifies me that his wife will keep her underwear at the beginning of the massage to undress her as one goes along. Original but why not.

I thus begin my Sensual Massage and I remove according to my massage her bra, her string and her stockings. The introduction having passed, I begin to stimulate her a little more to create more reactions. This is when the spouse, very interested, begins filming the scene with his mobile phone by making close-up on the pussy of his wife. But the light being too much sieved and its telephone not arranging flash to light, the sir had planned everything and fate of his affairs a big flashlight Varta. He switches on it and puts it between the legs of his wife to light well her pussy. That gave me enough to smile because it is the first time when I see somebody lighting the pussy of his wife with a flashlight. That aim to be, the cinema is a whole art. I continue my session and more it move forward and more it becomes sex. The husband films from every angle. He has telephone in a hand and flashlight in an other one. While warming a maximum his wife, he fetches in his affairs a box of which he takes out a rather big vibrator. He starts up it, open the legs of his wife and begins to do her vibrate the clit with. The effect is immediate. Her body stiffens and contracts under the influence of the vibrations. The husband increases then the intensity of the vibrations and I hear his machine to vibrate faster and to wrinkle even more the woman on the bed. During this time there, the hand of his wife begins to travel on my body. I see her trying to create an excitement in me and I can say that it is made a success. Halala! What a life my friends!

The husband seeing his very incited wife tells me that launched time she will not can any more stops. That gives me to smile and have no evil to believe it when he tells me that. She is unchained, moves in all directions on the bed and looks for my sex non-stop to catch it. Does she caught it or not, that it’s another story.

At the end of session, husband asks me proudly if I found something extraordinary during this session with his wife. And he asks me to be honest in answer. I smile and say him that my answer is not certainly the one that he waits. I say him that what will have marked me during session is the flashlight because it is the first time when I see somebody taking out a flashlight during one of my massages. I see his face disappointed by my answer, disgusted. And his wife begins laughing. In brief, I explain him all the same that I spent a very exciting evening with his wife but that what will make for me memory of this session it is this flashlight.

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