And the winner to Oscars of the biggest simulator is?

massage érotique femme simulatrice

We also meet funny things in the erotic massages. I am going to tell you this funny story. I have an appointment for a formula couple in Paris in a luxury hotel Rivoli’s street. As many couples which I meet in hotels, they are people of passage, are foreign tourists, are people living in France but far from Paris. In brief, I meet a very beautiful, fair woman with platinum hair, elegant and sexy, typical top model of eastern countries and dressed simply in an almost non-existent black underwear. The man, very courteous, receives me and lets me appear. I discuss 5 min just to relax the atmosphere and prepare my affairs.

The woman removes little of clothes that it stays her and I begin my erotic massage. During the first 10 minutes, I feel the uncommunicative woman. Impossible to create in her the slightest reaction. I say to myself that that is going to be complicated for me if that stays like that during 1 hour. But as pro, I always know techniques to free that quickly. Except that I did not even need to find a solution finally because she does it before me. She anticipated me by beginning suddenly to move her body slightly. Then, I see her moving more and more second after second. The transformation is radical but I know perfectly well that I am not the responsible. She moves like a tigress when I use a technique which is not supposed to get a sensation so strong for this level of massage. Consequently and it’s obvious for a pro as me, it simulates. It was so much a clairvoyant that if I had removed my hands of her body she would have all the same continued to move and to raise herself as if she had an orgasm. From this moment there, I understood at once why this reversal of situation.

Then you tell you certainly but why does she do that? It is necessary to get to the source to find the answer. It does not make undoubtedly by looking at this couple that it is fortunate. I have in front of me a man whose I perceive a financial opulence and a woman to top model’s profile. When this man speaks to his wife, he gives him orders, always way polished but orders of which it obeys to all. Thus when you understand that, you understand that the foundations of this couple are based to the fuck for the man and the money for the woman. It is a contract which each of parties includes and accepts. Consequently, if the woman always wants to be in the race and to have the bank account with unlimited resources of husband, she has to excite him even if it means making for it too much so that he always wants to fuck her and to keep her.

Thus when I saw that she feigned, I understood at once that she made that so that his husband fucks her now. And what had to occur occurred, she finally enough excited her guy who interrupted my massage at the end of 20 min. He paid me the hour and began to fuck her in front of me while I resumed my affairs to leave. But you do not imagine as it was funny. She was unchained, she moved and moved in all directions as in a porn movie except that I do nothing to put her like this. I am strong, I would have been able to get her an orgasm without touching her.

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