An erotic massage comforts a woman affected by a cancer

femme cancer massage érotique

For the women affected by a cancer who would like to experiment a hot or sensual massage, I invite you to discover all my range of erotic massages available on Paris and the IDF.

For others, here is the true and moving story of a husband having offered an erotic massage to his wife affected by a cancer. I thus receive a phone call and a sir explains to me that his wife is sick and that she has a cancer. He also tells me that the sexuality of his wife decreased a lot because her hair loss made her lose trust in her and in the beauty of her body. Not arriving any more to reassure her, he tells me that my erotic massages would be a good idea to restore trust in her and show her that she is always attractive. I take note of all this information by assuring me that there is not medical contrindications then we arrange an appointment.

The day of the erotic massage arrive and I appear in front of the entrance of a house. The husband comes to welcome me then presents me to his wife. I see a woman slim and completely balder dressed in a simple dressing gown. Although I knew that she had a cancer, I am surprised to see that she is completely bald. I did not expect it. I also see that the suffering and the hardness of the life marked the face. We discuss all 3 of the progress of the massage then I prepare my affairs.

Everything being prepared, I indicate to the woman to lengthen on my table of massage to begin its erotic massage. She removes her dressing gown and although she is bald, she remains a very attractive woman. I take advantage of it then to admire the beauty of its body before she lengthens on my table. The husband leaves us to offer a moment completely deprived for his wife and I begin then my Erotic Massage Sensual. Lengthened on the stomach, I decide to change a little my massage and to mix at the same time something of relaxant to relax her and of erotic to wake its body. The formula seems to work. The head turned on the side loses gradually of its suffering. She loosens. That seems to be a break in a battle for her. It is can be short but it is something anyway. During almost 15 min, I do her the best relaxing massage of the back that we can have then I begin the second phase, that of the erotic massage.

I begin to mass at the level of her legs and I go back up gradually of the ankles until her crotch. In every round trip, my hands always rise higher and she feels the eroticism settling down. I see her a little congealed, not daring to move under the pleasure of my hands then I blow her in the ear that she can let go herself completely and that she can touch me during the massage if she wishes. I take back my massage and when my hands rose on the buttocks to slide on the hands, she began closing them delicately on mine and always a little more in every passage on these.

After these few minutes when I made, gradually, the temperature rise, I ask her to turn around known for the back. This time, I am going to put more rhythm and to show all the vast of my talents of Master of the Eroticism. Up behind the head, I bend above its bust and mass her breasts resolutely by pinching her by moment slightly nipples to multiply tenfold her sensations. Immediate result. I see her nibbling lips and to begin to make some Hummm of pleasure with its mouth. My hands slide on her breasts and begin to come down more low on the stomach. They return then on her breasts and slide again more low on the stomach, to come down even more low and always more low in direction of her sex. My hands follow now an erotic choreography which synchronize with the orgasmic undulations of the body of my customer. We are now connected one to another by an extremely erotic pleasure.

The hour is thought of and it is time for me to finish this erotic massage at home in highlight by bringing out some secret assets. The session is over and I see on her face that my erotic massage made her forget her cancer one moment. I saw all his suffering an hour ago and now she has a ultra big smile and eyes of incredulity. I comforted this woman one moment in her events and I offered to her husband for what he waited. By leaving, I was satisfied with me.

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