The daily life of Body Expert

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You are very many to ask me of the questions on my lifestyle, what I’m doing between my sessions of naturist massage, of porn and other. Then I am going to tell you how I organize my days.

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Erotic massage, porn and advice

To bequin, it is my only job. Every day, I am in customer and I do erotic massages to women all so beautiful that others. I juggle between top models, dancers and others. When I do not make erotic massages, I make private porn movies and to order. Then I plan all the necessary recording equipment to realize my movies. The part of the editing arrives then where I select and keep the best scenes to finalize them in a single movie. I also give advice about the sex or the seduction to the men and to the women who want to progress, to improve or ask themselves about some points. But the most often, I am called by couples which are in search of new sex pleasures.


I also travel as well in the South of France, as in Belgium, in Switzerland or other border countries for women or couples which absolutely want to meet the Body Expert. As these people know that travel monopolizes a complete afternoon or a evening, they take care of my transport (plane or train) and pay me equivalent of a afternoon or an evening completes even if I do it only 1 hour.


From Body Expert to Webmaster

When I am not in customer, I spend a lot of time to work on conception and communication of my web site. I do everything from A to Z. I learnt in self-taught and it is not the easiest way. It is a monumental and daily work. It is the war against Google to be positioned in 1st page on key expressions. Always on computing, I try to find new concepts, innovative and attractive ideas for women and couples who come on my site.

I also write new articles regularly from unusual appointments which took place in week. I write only unusual because normal, even very erotic, would be alike. These erotic stories are all true. I just change the first names where certain places to remain anonymous of my customer.

Photographer and movie-maker

All pictures and videos which you see are home-made. When you see a video which lasts 20 sec or 1 min, it is several hours of shooting to select only the best scenes. And then, I take care of editing and some visual and sound effects.


Vincent workoutThe physical activity enters in the work. In the erotic massages and the porn, there is a technique but also an attitude and an imposing presence which passes by a physical appearance which has to inspire the strength. Then they are daily 1 hour of work out. After that, we can lift many women of entrance to bedroom. Here is what looks like the life of an Erotic masseur.

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