Interview about erotic massage for woman

Two foreign students contacted me to explain me that they studied in the journalism and that they would have wished to interview me on my erotic massages for woman. They explained me that the erotic pleasure being very often reserved for the men, they wanted to put forward that of the women very often put aside as a taboo subject. Here is thus an extract of the interview.

How did you become the erotic masseur of all Paris? Because we see only you on Internet.

I began in the erotic massage for woman completely by accident. I was in a period when I wished to leave my office work to become independent. Further to advice of a relaxation masseuse that I knew, I launched in my account very quickly. I thus began to do relaxing massages on the paris region but sometimes, women who called me asked me if I also made more erotic services. It intrigued me, then as I did not propose it, I decided to create a very sensual massage and to see reactions. Returns were positive but I very fast understood that people wanted a specialist of the eroticism and not somebody who is multi-purpose with massages of relaxation. Then I do a test during 1 month and I removed all the relaxation part of my directory and by proposing only erotic massages for woman. Before the end of my test period, I understood that it was this crenel which I had to exploit. And there, the great adventure began.

What is the difference between a tantric and erotic massage?

The difference is big. The tantric massage is directed on the spiritual and energetic side and of the sexuality. It is very soft. The hands which touch the body of the woman do not objective to get a sexual excitement. On the other hand, the erotic massage for woman is made to excite her, to put body in boiling by massing buttocks, breasts, low stomach or between legs in a very ambiguous way. Some women come to see me by telling me that they already have made a tantric massage but that they were disappointed because it was too soft. Then I their explain that it is normal because it is centred on the spiritual.

Why do women want an erotic massage?

As for Sextoys, women are in search of new sensations and want to try new erotic experiences that I bring to them with my services. Then, there are those who want to rediscover their body because it has been for a long time since they more felt of pleasure further to the celibacy or further to the spouse who underestimates the body of her wife. Thus there also, they call me for an erotic massage. Then, there are the women who look for the performance, the best, the Man who is going to get them the ultimate pleasure. Then they turn to me and my skills of professional.

Who are these women who contact you for an erotic massage?

These women who call on to me for an erotic or naturist massage are single, married, divorced women and any origins. I have also much couples illegitimate and legitimate where men want to offer an erotic or naturist massage to their partner.

How do you explain that women are ready to pay to feel a sexual pleasure while they can have free sex  by going out?

What it is necessary to understand first of all, it is that they already pay for sex and to many levels. The best example is the one sextoys. I don’t know no a woman who has no it at least one. All made the initiative to pay to have a plastic cock to get themselves alone some pleasure and all could have real and free one. Thus you see, the fact to be a woman and to pay to have a sexual pleasure is incompatible not at all. We can also quote indirect examples where women also pay for a sexual pleasure as fact of appealing to Strip-Teaser to animate events or even to get themselves the erotic books of 50 Shades of Grey who were sold by million. There are many other examples which I could quote. In fact, they are ready to pay to have sensations which men around them do not their bring. And erotic massage for woman are these new sensations that they wish to offer themselves.

Women who pay for an erotic massage are they ugly or old?

It is the question which we often put me and which makes me laugh a lot. Women who pay for an erotic or naturist massage are neither ugly nor old. It is even the opposite. Although I accept all the customers about is their physical appearance and answering a legal age, it turns out that 95 % of the women asking for an erotic or naturist massage at home are normal, even rather attractive and relatively younger. And there is a completely simple reason. Women who feel attractive have no complexe with their body and feel comfortable to show it during an erotic or naturist massage. And conversely, women not feeling good in their body have more complexes and do not wish to show it. Consequently, they contact me only very rarely to receive an erotic massage. Concerning the age, it works a little bit in the same way. The more the women are young and the less they have of complexes with their body and conversely. Here are the observations which I was able to notice during my appointments with my customers.

What massages do they choose the most?

The hottest. It is simple, people want the most, rarely the least. Thus I make essentially Rocco, Kama and Fifty Shades. They do not look for the sensualism but rather anything explosive, which has some punch. The sensual side, they can have it with their boyfriend. With me, they wait for something different, of more sex, more bestial. Only time when I had put a little of sweetness, tenderness or caresses to a girl who chose Rocco or Kama, they make understand at once to pass the second. It is an error to never commit. The one that I make least, it is the Sensual. The sensualism, it is only for the shy persons and generally girls who come to see me are not shy.

Do customers go back often to see you?

They return but all to varied frequencies. It is different from a person to an other one. I have as well customers whom I see 3 times by week that others that I see 1 time by month or 1 time by year. It is very variable. Everything depends on personality, conjugal situation and of story of the customer.

How do you explain the success of your erotic massages with women?

I can not reveal all my secrets concerning the success of my erotic massages. But I can tell you that it is my complete understanding of women that does that I answer at all their waits. My outstanding erotic performance marks their spirit.

What relation do you have with your customers?

Of very well. They adore me all. I am there to make them pass an unforgettable moment then necessarily it creates links with some. Many send me SMS to say me that my Snaps, my sexy selfies or my erotic stories excited them. I have others who send me photos of them naked by MMS or by Snap to seduce me or compete other women whom they can see in my company. Although I know many women as well among my customers as among fans who follow me on social networks, I try to stay in the next to my public and to answer a maximum to their messages to keep a friendly and accessible side.

What did you discover thanks to the erotic massages with the women?

Many things. Many women underestimate their body and their pleasures. And they are always surprised after an erotic or naturist massage with me because they did not imagine to reach such a level of pleasure.

You also propose formulae for the couples. You have of couples which contact you?

In fact, I have more of demands of erotic massages of couples than of only women. The couples represent approximately 70 % of my customers.

What do you like in your job?

I like seeing a woman getting her pleasure during my erotic massage. It is a challenge for me and that’s what I like.

Aren’t you afraid of being bored in time?

Mass beautiful naked women and small ass every day, if it bores me? Never. Every day my massages evolve, become more erotic and I always discover new people. No routine. Without forgetting that I prepare them constantly novelties and look at their reactions. Every day, I compose, I test, I perfect and I always surprise more my customers. Without forgetting that when I am not in customer, I spend my time to develop my web site and my communication. Be Erotic Masseur, it is much more work than people imagine themselves.

Do you think to see emerge other erotic masseurs as you in the coming years?

Although it has some place for the erotic massage in Paris there, I do not think of seeing other erotic masseurs as me emerging. For that purpose, my possible competitors would have to have a perfect master’s degree of the feminine and male psychology and I see nobody at present who masters it to 100%. If somebody mastered it, he would already make what I’m doing and successfully but I looked for a professional of erotic massage in Paris, in France and even abroad and I found nobody of valid. I saw amateurs opening blogs and copying parts of my web site. But I know perfectly well that they will not obtain results because they copy without understanding and make errors in their communication.

Is it difficult to have a life as a couple by being erotic masseur?

No. It is very easy even. I saw frequently several women during my activity of Erotic Masseur and I made them all accept my job very easily. Then between us, that excite them even to know that other women want me. If these stories with it are ended, the cause was never the nature of my activity. As for this day, I see frequently a woman and everything spends very well between us.

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