This couple which wanted an extrem SM naturist massage

couple sm massage érotique paris

I have an appointment with a couple on Paris of which the spouse my asked by telephone my SM naturist massage Fifty Shades. Once arrived at the indicated address, I call my customer who by confidentiality, did not wish to give me his name to ring at his intercom. The man goes down to look for me in front of the building then makes me a small briefing on his wife. He informs me that she is a very beautiful young woman and who is 3 months pregnant. He also adds that he does not wish that I put my music because he wants to put his own music selection. Generally for the music, when we say me that, it is not good sign. Spouses’ little who insisted on putting their own music put completely unsuitable musics for the eroticism. I was already entitled to the Christophe Maé, the Lake of the Signs… In brief, we rise then to his flat. He opens the door of the flat and I hear a music of besides grave. We would say monks’ incantations. And one music in the other one it is always the worse. Funeral musics accompanied with organs. The flat is luxurious but candles arranged almost everywhere to create a subdued atmosphere more remind me a future session of sacrifice. Interesting.

I get acquainted with the future mom who waits me standing next to for her American bar. She is a very beautiful young woman, of hardly 30 years, typifies top model, blonde, with the long, smoother and silky hair. She is only dressed in a black fine lingerie and wears high-heeled shoes. I get acquainted with and notice that she has a small foreign accent. Before beginning my massage Fifty Shades, I bandage her eyes then undress her completely. I do her lengthen on the planned location and I undress also.

I join her then sit me at the level of her buttocks and I begin by massing her a little the back. Well, we did not make me come for a massage relaxing then I quickly pass in the heart of the matter, to dominate this young woman. Having made rise abruptly her excitement, I move on by attaching her wrists, by seizing her firmly, by pulling her hair, by immobilizing her arms or her legs to prevent her from bending her body of pleasure. I give her for what she also waited, slaps on the face. But considering that they are not rather powerful, she asks me more hardly. She wants real slaps which mark her face. I increase then the intensity while seeing to it not to exceed a certain acceptable limit for her. As for the husband, he looks at the show with attention and takes advantage patiently. The massage Fifty Shades continues and I arrive later at the seizure at the level of the neck. But there also, the young woman wants that I serve the stronger neck. She takes then my hand catching her blow and she presses my hand to strangler her even more. I see the face blushing by the blood and the veins of neck swell as if they were going to explode. I get rid then quickly of her seizure so that she does not faint. Without forgetting that she exposes her baby to dangerous consequences to want to suffocate by pleasure.

I continue my naturist massage as a Fifty Shades but in spite of its very dominator side, I notice that it does not correspond to the waits of this couple to extreme tastes. Although the session passes well, I know by pertinently that this couple will not call on to me for a new naturist massage. These things happen. But thanks to them, I have a new story to be told.

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