The false shy who asks for a Sensual and finishes by a Rocco

Femme blonde allongée sur le lit d'un hôtel

I have an appointment for an erotic massage in a hotel in Paris with a new customer. It is 9 pm and I come at reception where I tell to the receptionist to inform Miss X about my arrival. I cross the big hall and rise to its suite. A very beautiful fair young woman with the long hair opens me and presents at me by speaking English. I present at my tour. This young tourist explains to me that she comes from a country of the north of Europe, that she has a friend and that it is a swinger couple. I ask her then which erotic massage she chose and she answers to me that it is difficult to choose because she is shy.

I remind her then each of my massages quickly by explaining the characteristics of each then she chooses the Sensual erotic massage by saying me that the others are too dynamic. She says me that she wants the naturist version. I prepare the music, I put a towel on the bed then I say her that now she can undress completely. And surprise, she does her hamper, the one who does not dare. She asks me to undress the first one. That gives me to smile then I undress completely then she does the same and lengthens naked on the bed.

I join her, sit down on her buttocks then begin by massing her the back as introduction. 2 min after, she asks me for confirmation if it is an erotic massage or if I do her a relaxing massage. Then I inform her that it is an erotic massage but that it begins with a back massage before. Noticing her impatience to see the erotic part beginning more quickly, I abbreviate the back massage and begin to mass between her legs. She said me it is very pleasant but it is not still not enough hot. I answer her while I asked her for which massage she wanted and while she answered me to want the softest. She asks me while I have others for hotter massages and I answer her Massage Kama. She asks me then to show her what it looks like. I thus leave on Kama and similar, she says me again that it is not rather hot.

Vincent: My massages are boring is not it? I Say in laughing.
The yong woman: Not at all, they are very pleasant. She says me embarrassed thinking of having hurt me.
Vincent: Yes they are boring. I smile by thinking by seeing that she takes me for a shy person. I smile because she is a long way off.
Vincent: We are going to move on. Raise you, we are going to the bathroom.

Surprised, she follows me without knowing why I take her there low. I raise her in the bathtub and begin to make pour the hot water of the shower. I take one of her legs which I lift and I put her on the edge of the bathtub then I stick the young woman to me. This time, we are going to turn to serious matters. The intensity in my attitude and my eyes changed. It is more the erotic masseur whom she has in front of her but the lion. And she knows it, she feels it. Our bodies merge and the heat is scorching. Her hands are caught to me and “Oh my god!” And “It is so good” goes out of her mouth. She is now in trance and does not ask me anymore if there is more hot.

After long moments of pleasure under the shower, I interrupt this one and say her that we are going to return to the bedroom. We dry ourselves and let us go back in the room in quoted. I say her to lengthen on the bed. I join her and open her legs with energy. The continuation also pleased her that in the bathroom. At the end, she said me with a smile: “We see that you do porn. We see that you are a professional”. I answer her this is why I am successful.

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