Macron or Le Pen? No, Body Expert!

Vote sexy Emmanuel Macron

Now, when I turn on the TV, impossible to escape the presidential elections, the suppositions to come and to the polls which change every day according to the alignment of planets. I said to myself that something important in these elections was missing and that none of the two candidates had not landed on their program. Ass! Then as new candidate for the presidency, I am going to reveal you the various themes of my program which are going to change the future of the country.

Sexy presidential elections 2017If I am elected President, my first big measure will be the compulsory wearing of the garter belt. My second big reform will be the reduction of employers’ taxes to any companies which the employees fuck to the office. In a Republican spirit and of equality, I shall add then the recognizing and the legalization of the promotion sofa to eliminate the inequality of opportunity of career development between the employees women and what they have all the same chances. I shall reduce taxes on condoms. And finally, I shall restore the military service… sorry of fuck, compulsory during 1 year. In the same way as some do not know how to read and write, I do not want more that there is of women who do not know how to do a handjob or suck their guy and what the guys do not know how to finger or fuck their wife. All this has to change. We have to go towards France of the progress. Then in the second tour, on Sunday, May 7th, 2017, vote for Vincent Body Expert.


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