How to fuck a woman like a pro

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Have confident

Which woman would want be fucked by a snail or a shy or other not self-confident, guy. One of the important things, it is that the man must show that he is self-confident. He does not have to hesitate, tremble. He must be charismatic. The woman must be able to know, just by looking at him, that he is going to make her transpire as ever.

Be dominating in the positions

Make only positions where you dominate, manage. The woman waits be fucked by a real male which knows how to take things in hand. Then forget the positions where the woman is on you and where it is her who leads the dance. Otherwise you invert the roles and will have no more the status of dominant male which excites her.

Be dominating in his movements

From time to time when you fuck her), pull her hair, seize the arms, put her a good slap on buttocks. You can also spit at her pussy or at the bottom before penetrating into her. You can block her body by pressing on her arms or her legs to avoid her to move. Take possession of her body.


The fingering

Important, you have 2 hands then for the best of you, use both. You can stimulate the clit by making small circles above with a finger and with an other hand put 2 fingers in her pussy and stimulate it. That asks for a little of synchronization but we are quickly made there and the effect is more pronounced for the girl. And you can also finger of one hand her pussy and of other her ass. It is double penetration but with fingers.

The cunni

I use more this technique to grease the pussy that something else. The idea it is to put one or two licks on her pussy, without dong her delicate, and penetrate into her immediately. That makes her an effect Wooaw.

The blowjob

You have two way of making suck you. Either you make the spectator and you wait that happens, or you are in the action by seizing her by hair, by pressing her head to go farther or by controling the rhythm. Between the one who does nothing and the one who makes, I let you guess which she prefers.


To kiss a girl it is good but to cover her of kisses, it is to cover with ridicule you. You will be thought of as a bisounours. She expects be fucked by a Lion and not a bisounours. Thus pack 3 seconds maximum 1 or 2 times during your session, no more.

The duration of the preliminary

All your preliminary must be short. You will seem to a beginner or a shy person if you continue to finger a girl or to lick her. She will wonder for what you wait to change into second. The preliminary must be made to create a lightning excitement. Once the created excitement, it is finished, we turns to serious matters.

The preliminary are an option

Sometimes one needs, sometimes not. If the girl is not excited yet, you can make for it but if she is already hot as the ember, go to the next step by the hot fuck. How many girls I saw and told me “I want that you fuck me now against the wall” The already overexcited girls do not need that they are gradually excited with preliminary ones. You would make for them waste time and they would take you for a slow one and a shy person.


Fuck and stimulate her the clit with fingers at the same time

For many positions, you can penetrate the girl and stimulate her clitoris at the same time with your hand. A girl whom you take in missionary for example, you can stimulate her the clit with the thumb at the same time. When you take her doggy-style, you can cross your hand on the side of her hip and go back on her pussy.

Fuck and put her a finger in the ass

Generally, this technique is made on the positions where the girl is back to you. When we are in doggy style mode, put some saliva on her anus and begin to do small circles above with your thumb by resting slightly to excite her and dilate her. Then, there is just to put her a finger to begin. Nothing more exciting for the girl to feel stimulated from both directions. If you notice that he anus is dilated of the beginning, it will indicate that she is certainly used to the sodomy.

The spit

It excites many girls whom we spit them on the pussy or on the ass before penetrating them. It is the method to grease that they appreciate by this virile side.

The penetration by the pussy

That does not ask for particular technique but you can make variants. In fact, everything is going to happen with the positions. You can tilt your body so that your cock does not go straight ahead any more but in diagonal. You will create frictions and impacts on sensitive zones of her pussy which will get for her excellent sensations of which she is not used.

The sodomy

Best to begin, it is to put a finger in the buttocks of her partner. You see like that how she reacts, if she is tightened or not, if she has pain or not, if she shows you that that excites her or not. If she is ready and if she is tightened, take time to dilate her with your fingers. If she is enough dilated, you can go there directly by bringing in your sex very slowly to begin and by increasing the speed very gradually. You will smell then when you can go faster. For those who are interested, I wrote a special article how to convince a woman to do anal.

In term of effects for the man, I find the sodomy oversold. Once brought in, the first 2 minutes get good sensations because the anus is relatively tightened. But spent 2 minutes and once this one dilated, you will feel almost nothing more. To fuck by the pussy gives better sensations because the muscle of the pussy tightens more the cock. On the other hand for the women, it gets them many sensations by the ass. Some women enjoy only by the ass.

The vaginal fist

I meet more and more girls who like the vaginal fist. When she begins to say you put 3 fingers or 4, there it is a call for help. You does not still fist her so you are late. So, it to you to see if she wets enough overwise use lubricant. On the other hand, I disadvise to fist a girl before having fucked her because her pussy is going to be so much dilated that the man will feel nothing more over the moment by putting it his dick. It is better to fuck her at first and then to fist her.

The ejaculation

You can enjoy inside her pussy but more and more women appreciate more varied purposes. It can be an ejaculation on breasts, on face or then in the mouth.


The seizure

Seize firmly a part of the body of your partner while firing towards be to increase the depth of the penetration. It is going to increase the excitement at the woman. According to the position in which you are, seize or the arms, her hair, the head, her throat, her pond, her buttocks, her legs or her ankles. Seize all that you can.

Sex with rhythm

Especially vary the rhythm. Be never linear. And favor a high, fast rhythm rather than a slow rhythm. What gives some pleasure also it is the speed of friction. You can slow down the rhythm but only to get your breath back and better restart after. If you are too slow and too soft, you will be thought of as a duck.

The sex does not limit itself to the bed

You want to mark the spirits? Take her against the wall, the ground, the office, in the room, the lounge, the dining room, the corridor or simply in the entrance as soon as you passed the doorstep. You have a whole space, use it.

Fucks her dressed

It excites so enormously the women be fucked dressed. Keep your clothes and make of the wild sex by lowering her only his pants or his skirt or by going back up its dress and by taking it dressed.


To be a very good blow, it is necessary to master not one of these points but all. Eliminate all which makes waste time to fuck. Reduce or delete the preliminary. When you fuck her, make perspire her to death. She should find itself in state of dehydration. You have to begin on the bed and end teleported in another room on the floor. She should at the end be panting and so incandescent as when we have to switch off the light, we seen her shine. If you do all this, you will have marked her.

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