How to improve yourself about sex

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There is often men as women who ask me questions: How do we know if we fuck good? How we do to be a good sex plan? How to improve his technique? Etc… Here is my most important advice. The base of the base to improve you about sex, it is to begin first by to remove your defects before even of to perfect your techniques. I tell it you right now, it is useless to have good techniques, if you always make something of bad or ridiculous at next side. And to be able to detect and remove all your defects, you need to auto-observe yourself. I know that the ego doesn’t like the idea to say we have defects. We all want to say we have no defects. But there is a big difference between our perceptions and the reality. So, I insist a last time on this point, to search  the defects and to eliminate them are the keys of success to fuck very well. Let us see now how to improve yourself.


To auto-observe is even

The auto-observation is enough difficult. That means to do 3 things at the same time: to fuck, to analyze your own behavior and your gestural and to analyze your efficiency across the reactions of your partner. And the whole in real time. However, this method of auto-observation has its limits. Not only the fact of having a lot of information has in real time analyze will do you escape some defects, but only more, you see only at the first person that prevents you to have a overall view of yourself and your errors. In term of efficiency, this method will make for you progress of about 50%. And with 50% of defects in less, you increase 50% of the pleasure of your partner.

To auto-observe by making a video

In the Olympics Games, the athletes of high level analyze their performances by visualizing their own videos to detect all the errors that they commit and to correct them because they know that they cannot all detect them in the fire of action. Do you want to improve yourself? Record you and make an Olympic Sextape. It is the most effective method to see all your defects when you fuck and to be able after to correct them. That is going to offer you the real view of you, a sufficient step back to observe everything and the possibility to go back several times on the same scene to understand it better. To make a sextape and analyze it allows you to detect this time 100% of your defects and all to correct them. But as we do not always make the same mistakes for session of fuck, I advise you to make several times videos to correct potential new errors. With this method, you delete 100% of your defects and you increase of 100% the pleasure of your partner.


Now that you have delete your defects and that you leave on good bases, you do not have more than to improve your techniques and sometimes to add news. Concerning the technical improvement, you will find the details of each technique in the articles different of my Advice category. Then you can also you inspire of best technicians. So make a selection of the famous porn actors and actresses, watch how they do and copy only the techniques which seem to you profitable.


Another way to progress is to communicate with your partner and to make a session of technical improvement. It consists in asking to your partner for his opinion on a technique or a position by putting into practice it so that your partner guides you by saying you where are the best sensations or how to arrive there. A session of technical improvement is made only with a person whom we know well. You should never make this kind of session for a 1st appointment of sex because in this context your partner will want to focus only on the pleasure and on any account to make a session of learning.


To conclude, with these methods, you can immediately have results and improve your level of sex.

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