For the relaxing massages, the best are at Julien’s

Julien massage relaxant

I often have of the clientele which asks me if I know good addresses or good professionals to whom I could direct them for such or such service. And as I have a luxury clientele, I am obliged to direct them only to the best. Then for those among you who also look for a session of relaxation with a professional and high-level skills, I direct you to my specialist in massage of relaxation Julien.


Technically, he makes left the best masseurs of France about relaxation. As soon as I have a sporting event in approach, it is him who I go to see for a relaxing massage to be sure that my muscles are perfectly relaxed and as soon as they find all their tonic effect and their explodability to be at the most of my performances the D-day. And it is always with him that I book an appointment to limit the effects of the jetlag after a long flight.


Concerning his massages, his speciality is only the relaxation, not the eroticism. He proposes a whole selection of relaxing massages going of the softest, in the most strong. Everything depends on what you look for. And naturally, he moves in hotels, in your place of residence and receive in his own lounge.

Port : 06 12 52 48 44
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