A massage at a young woman very SM

Femme portant un masque SM à clou avant un massage érotique femme

A woman, who looks me rather young by her voice by telephone, books an appointment with me for an erotic massage in Paris and more particulary the Kama Massage. At the moment, nothing unusual. But if I tell you this erotic story, it is that very fast things are going to change.

We are afternnon and I go to Paris to the home of my customer. I present me to the intercom, rise to the floor and knock at the door of the young woman. She opens me and lets in me and welcomes me warmly. We discuss a little in the entrance then I ask her to indicate me her bedroom to install my affairs there.

We cross a part of her apartment and arrived in her bedroom, I see photos and posters SM recovering her walls of women lashed and gagged. There was so much everywhere that we would have almost said a showroom. I look again at the young woman who adorned me frail and another vision of the young woman appears to me now. It is rather surprising.

I ask her the direction of the bathroom, to wash my hands before beginning the erotic massage, and there also, I perceive photos SM, recovering a big part of this one, raising women suspended by feet or with a ball in the mouth or still spirit to bite the shoe of an unknown.

Every room which I discover is a journey in a universe completely bondage. Of return, in the bedroom, I raise the subject with the young woman who smiles to me and explains me that she adores the SM and that she does not conceive any more a relation otherwise than by being dominated. Having asked to her full of crunchy questions on this subject, I began her massage.

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