A tourist and her butt plug during a naturist massage

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From time to time, among couples, women receive me decorated with an butt plug between buttocks. It is a way for them to add a more exciting atmosphere still. I am thus going to tell you the first time when I met a woman wearing an anal plug.

I must see a new couple of customers, tourists, for an erotic massage in Paris. I appear instead of the appointment. And I meet a charming couple come from the south of France. It is the summer, it is hot and my casual clothes a little frightened Madam, says me in private conversation her husband. I thus take advantage of it to discuss with both and relax the atmosphere, while preparing my things of massage.

Once quite prepared, I indicate to the woman that she can now undress completely and lengthen on the bed. It is a very beautiful woman with the long hair and with the perfect silhouette. We begin to remove each our clothes. She removes her attractive dress and her underwear whereas from my side I remove jeans, T-shirt etc. While I finish to undress, I see her expecting up naked. Freed of all my clothes, I indicate her again that she can lengthen on the bed, on the stomach and she does it.

As she puts one knees then the second on the bed and as she raises itself to lengthen then, I perceive something shining between the buttocks. And there, I say to myself the space of a fraction of a second,  » It is strange, I believed to see something shining « . I approach in my tour of bed to sit down above of her buttocks and there, I see a butt plug decorated with a diamond inserted into the buttocks. And there I say myself,  » Nooo amazing ! « . I look then at her spouse sat in the armchair close by and do him a sign of head to say him that it is top. He smiles and agrees. Began then my naturist and candaulist massage.

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