The woman who wore a slave’s necklace

massage érotique collier esclave

How to say. It is a very particular erotic story. I have an appointment for an erotic massage in Paris in a hotel to see a couple to whom I have must to do a naturist massage Kama to the woman. I meet the husband in the hotel reception and I test the ground by asking questions to know if his wife knows about erotic massage, if she is stressed, excited, etc. He answers me that it has to be very soft. Then I say to myself that the fact to have chosen this massage is not good. Thus 1st contradiction, to take Kama which is more than hot and to ask me something soft. He says me then that his wife has an anal plug. Thus, I say myself, at least she will be not shy if she receives me with a dildo in the ass, it is already that.

We go to the bedroom and we enter it. I see his naked wife lengthened on the back with a mask on eyes. I say hello to her and no answer. I try to make her speak a little by presenting me but no word, nor a smile from her. Apparently she doesn’t want to speak. You feel that you are going to have fun when that is the way it is. I prepare my music, I pass in the bathroom to wash myself hands, and I return next to couple.

I say that I am going to begin the massage and that for it she must turn on the stomach. She turns around and lengthens but not completely. She lengthens by taking support on her arm as a position of bodybuilding to work abs. I say myself why? And when I bend over her to mass the back, I then understood. Her necklace was not an ordinary necklace. By far I had not paid attention. But of more near, it was a metallic necklace thick as in cast iron with a ring to hang on it a chain or a leash. And her necklace undoubtedly had to prevent her to from lengthen completely.

Thus I summarize, I have in front of me a woman with bandaged eyes, slave’s necklace and anal plug between buttocks. Normally, we could say to themselves that with all theses things, she would not be prudish? And well not. In a quivering voice, she asks me not to touch her with my body because that hampers her. I can just touch her with hands. My trunk touched fer back and apparently it was too erotic for her. I respect her demand. I see that, during the massage, she crosses and serves her legs completely and that she trembles like a leaf. I stop erotic massage and make her only a relaxing massage. A good old muscular massage at old. Anything erotic but that makes spend time. I end the session like that, I ask nobody if they appreciated or not and I leave.

Let us pass in the analysis. There are two possible explanations. Either this woman gives herself a role of woman slave and she waits that I force her to go farther to her game of domination and submission. I have already seen this scenario and usually we discuss it before so that things are very clear. Either she submits herself and obeys to her husband by making things which she does not absolutely want. In 2 cases, given that she did not absolutely speak, impossible for me to know the truth of false. Thus I opted for the caution by changing by a relaxing massage.

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