Pokemon Go: Catch them all

Pokémon Go sexe

Here is certainly the very first sexy photo Pokemon Go appeared in the world.


Pokemon Go is a mobile application which was downloaded more than 100 million times since its launch. This application is a video game normally reserved for children and teenagers but whose adults also monopolized quickly. The principle consists to search in the street small creatures called Pokemon and to capture them with a system of augmented reality and its GPS. Naturally, there is a whole collection to prolong the adventure a maximum of time.


Given that it is the phenomenon bulldozer of this summer, the first question that I ask it is ” Is it possible to make sex photos with it”. And after some tests with a very nice young woman, I made my first sexy photo with Charmander. But I am not too backward on this Pokémon. I preferred concentrated my attention on the attractive brunette with the long hair and with the black thong. I even attributed her a special nickname and which corresponded perfectly to her skills: Lightthefuse. And I can tell you that I did not need several try to catch this Poképussy.


This sexy Pokemon, called also Pokepussy, is from the family of fire. A little bit shy at the beginning but tamed time she becomes ardent and incandescent and will know how to reveal all her potential until burst out without any limit.

Attack techniques:

  • Oral attack 400 dps*. Called also the vampiric attack, she sucks you to the last drop.
  • Vaginal attack 800 dps. Called also the attack of the boa constrictor, she is capable of tightening her vagina until to make cum the male.
  • Anal attack 800 dps. Called also the attack of the black hole, she sucks up you in another dimension.
    * Dps: damages per second. It is for the geeks.

Strong points:

  • Very meaning, she emits groans and uses very exciting raw words.
  • Naturally hot, her body has a bonus ” luck x2 ” which allows to re-excite you immediately after to have fucked.
  • She is also a Pokepussy with multi-purpose skills and listening her trainer to evolve and pass at the upper level.

Weak points:

  • Her physical high temperature tends to make activate smoke detectors and fire alarms. Thus think of removing the battery of your detectors and alarms before returning her at your home.
  • The physical beauty of this pokepussy is a permanent call of sex what you will do arrive often late to the office very often.


Much sexier than Charmander, Lightthefuse is a Pokepussy from the family of the fire who will know seduce you by her eyes of ember, her burning mouth and other assets all so ardent.

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